200 years Pioneering care

About Wesley Mission

About Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission is Australia's largest Christian complex

Accessibility statement

Wesley Mission's Vision and Values Statement declares that "Wesley Mission values the worth of every individual." As such, Wesley Mission has taken steps to ensure that the widest range of people possible are able to enjoy this website.

We have considered the fact that many of our website visitors do not experience the web through a visual browser while using a mouse to navigate, so we have taken a number of steps to make your time on our website as easy and pleasant as possible regardless of the computer, browser or input devices you may be using.

If you would like to suggest a way we can improve our site and make it even easier to use, please email the Webmaster or let us know via our feedback form.

Keyboard navigation

Our website is designed to allow the selection and following of links using the tab key (or the default selection key for your browser). Internet Explorer for Windows users requires Javascript to be turned on in order to use this feature.

Skip links

At the top of each page - hidden from view - are links that allow users of non-visual browsers to jump to predefined sections of the page. Using the Tab key, the first links on each page are  links that skip to the page's content, the global navigation and the search form.

Following these links will cause your browser to "jump" to the relevant section of the site, skipping over content that may take a while to read in non-visual browsers. Browsers that aren't able to display our styles and design can also use these links to skip to the relevant section of the page.

Forms and form errors

The forms on the Wesley Mission site are coded with fieldset and legend information to help distinguish between optional and required fields. We have explicitly associated label text with its field to ease field selection. Should a form be submitted incorrectly we will provide a summary of the errors in plain English at the top of the form, as well as indicating the fields that require attention individually. Selecting any of the error messages will focus the cursor on the field that caused the problem for easy editing.

Valid HTML and CSS

To a large extent, Wesley Mission has worked to ensure all our html code validates against the Strict W3C standard for HTML 4.01. While we can't adhere to the "letter of the law", we have adhered to the spirit. Where our content management system allows, we have separated style from content, and we are using valid CSS to add all style and design. We hope that future upgrades of our CMS will allow us to fully comply with the W3C standards.

Why do we bother? You might not notice that we have taken this effort, but it means that we are able to make our website available to the greatest number of people and browsing devices. It means that our site loads as quickly as possible, and doesn't waste your bandwidth downloading lots of unnecessary code.

   Keyboard shortcuts

Our site recognises a number of keyboard shortcuts (access keys) to access common functions.

Key Target
0 Accesskey Information
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S Search


For further assistance on using our website, visit our Website Help page.

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200 years Pioneering care

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