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About Wesley Mission

About Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission is Australia's largest Christian complex

Wesley Mission privacy statement

Wesley Mission is a parish mission of the Uniting Church in Australia. It conducts worship services, a pastoral ministry, ethnic ministries, fellowship groups, a national television, radio, audio-visual and video ministry and an international television, internet and film ministry. Wesley Mission is a registered not-for-profit organisation.

As an integral part of its "Word and Deed" ministry, Wesley Mission has developed services of support to the needy and disadvantaged. These caring services include hospitals and hospices, retirement villages, hostels and a nursing home, home care and other services for the aged, facilities for persons with disabilities, homeless persons services, Lifeline, Creditline, suicide prevention programs, gambling counselling, a community legal centre, children's homes, foster care and support programs, before and after school care, family counselling, respite care, employment, training and conference centres.

This policy has been adopted by Wesley Mission in order to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012. The policy should be read together with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act relating to the collection, use and storage of personal information.

1. Wesley Mission will only use personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected. Individuals will be informed of the purpose for which the information is being collected. These purposes will relate to the spiritual, pastoral, social educational and administrative functions of Wesley Mission to enable the provision of the services and activities included above.
2. Primarily Wesley Mission collects personal information for the benefit of its members adherents and clients. Additionally Wesley Mission has an important function of maintaining personal information for the purpose of analysing the role of Wesley Mission and the Uniting Church in society and recording family histories of its members. This information may be disclosed to scholars studying the church and to relatives of church members.
3. Wesley Mission will only use personal information about an individual for a secondary purpose if that individual has consented or the use is otherwise permitted by the APPs. Where personal information is used in a secondary manner for fundraising purposes, Wesley Mission will provide the opportunity for the individual to opt out of such communications in the future.
4. Wesley Mission will take reasonable steps to keep personal information accurate and secure and will, subject to the APPs, comply with a request from a person to access, correct or remove their information. Wesley Mission will also ensure that where individuals wish to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, the request will be complied with as far as it is practical and legal to do so or as required by a government agency.
5. Wesley Mission has appointed a Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will provide advice on the storage and security of information and the procedures to permit individuals to access and/or correct the personal information collected by Wesley Mission about them. The Privacy Officer will receive and deal with any complaint that Wesley Mission has not complied with this policy or the APPs.
6. Personal information collected by Wesley Mission may be sensitive information for the purpose of the APPs (eg information about a person's religious beliefs). As a non-profit organisation, Wesley Mission is permitted to collect sensitive information without a person's express consent. However, Wesley Mission will endeavour to seek consent from a person if sensitive information is sought for something other than the primary functions of Wesley Mission described in paragraph 1.
7. Wesley Mission collects information in a variety of ways for the purposes referred to above. Where or if Wesley Mission engages an external organisation, including an external organisation located overseas, to assist in achieving its purposes, Wesley Mission will ensure that the external organisation will only use the personal information collected in line with this policy and the APPs.

Wesley Mission's operating procedures will comply with this policy and the APPs.

Please address any enquiries in relation to this policy to:

The Privacy Officer
Wesley Mission
PO Box A5555
Sydney South NSW 1235

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