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Chaplains perform a vital function in Wesley Mission's network of more than 150 homes, hospitals, hostels and services. Some relate especially to children in our care while others minister in retirement villages. One chaplain ministers to those struggling with mental illnesses. All have special pastoral functions in caring for the dying and the bereaved.

Chaplains minister to Wesley Mission's centres for employment, for the disabled, homeless people, in nursing homes, broken families needing support, home care services, and in School for Seniors.

For more information, contact the centre chaplain or Wesley Pastoral Services on (02) 9263 5464.

Wesley Child and Family Services   

The chaplaincy meets the needs of staff who care for children, young people and families in crisis. Pastoral support is conducted through personal support, team meetings and a number of celebration days that include holy communion.

Wesley Uniting Employment   

Wesley Chaplain Ron Schepis

Chaplains perform a vital function in Wesley Mission's network.

The chaplaincy serves the staff who assist job-seekers into employment under government schemes as well as disabled persons receiving training and re-skilling. A regular church service is conducted and there is a significant level of one-on-one pastoral care.

Wesley Disability Enterprise    

This chaplaincy ministers to the needs of disabled people and the staff who care for them across Wesley Mission's many centres. Conducting church services and providing one-on-one pastoral care comprises the bulk of the work.

Wesley Seniors Living   

Chaplaincy services are provided to Wesley Mission retirement villages, nursing homes, aged-care hostels, Wesley Home Care Services and the School for Seniors. Activities and pastoral care include home visits, memorial and funeral services, home church, prayer meetings, staff devotions, chapel services for residents, hospital visits, room visits and communion services.

Wesley Mental Health and Counselling   

Pastoral care is provided to staff and patients in our psychiatric hospitals and Lifeline counselling services. Services include weekly Sunday chapel services with communion, mid-week communion, funeral and memorial services, therapy groups, Lifeline staff devotions, Lifeline lectures to trainee telephone counsellors.

Wesley Supported Accommodation - Homeless Services   

Society's most vulnerable people, those without the simple security of a home, are ministered to at Edward Eagar Lodge, the Noreen Towers Community and Community Housing schemes. Prayer, counselling and worship services are offered to these congregations, which include families, aged persons and drug or alcohol dependent people.

Lottie Stewart Hospital   

Pastoral care is provided to patients and staff at Lottie Stewart Hospital, Dundas, which houses one of NSW's two Huntington Disease centres. Worship services are held twice weekly. Chaplaincy services include personal counselling, support in coping with loss and grief and the arrangement and conducting of funeral services.

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