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Wesley Impact! is a fresh, exciting program featuring people whose lives have been transformed; singers who inspire us with the beauty of their talent and practical Christian teaching that encourages and challenges us. Joining Rev Dr Keith V Garner live in the studio are guests from all walks of life - from those who have tasted the heights of success to those who walked in the depths of despair, our guests openly share their amazing life stories. Wesley Impact! can be seen on the Nine Network every Sunday at 5.30am and is also repeated on the Australian Christian Channel on Sunday at 7.30am.

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18 April 2014

Rev Dr Rick Dacey – Ministry and Mission

This week on Wesley Impact!  we celebrate Good Friday and the message of the Good News with the head of Wesley Mission’s Ministry and Mission, Rev Rick Dacey.

Rick shares his thoughts of the Easter story and the Good Friday message.

“It’s the fullness of our human experience, it doesn’t leave anything out and he didn’t watch from a distance, he got his hands dirty. He allowed himself to be subjected to death.  It’s that compelling love like it says in the old Isaac Watts hymn,  “Love so amazing so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”  (The Wondrous Cross)

Rick Dacey

“It’s a solemn day but it’s also a celebration that the God of love entered this world, took on the complete fullness of our human experience, all our brokenness and our pain and He took that all upon Himself out of love for us and that’s what makes Good Friday so powerful.”

Rick Dacey (left) and Keith Garner

“Jesus said greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for His friends.  It amazes me that the God of the universe would call you and me, friend.”

Wesley Mission Story – Holy Week

At Wesley Mission much of our work is ‘behind the scenes’ and Christian ministry is no exception.

But it’s during Holy Week that we share the Good News of Jesus in all its fullness. 

From Palm Sunday (and the dramatic re-enactment at Circular Quay of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem) to Good Friday (and the “way of the cross procession down Pitt Street) to the celebration at the Sydney Opera House on Easter Day. 

Visit the Easter Mission events page to find out more.

Keith Garner leads the Palm Sunday Procession Good Friday re-enactment of the events leading up to the crucifixion.

Guest Performer - Craig Gower

Craig Gower has been the Musical Director for Wesley Impact! for the past 7 years and has performed more than 300 songs on the show.

Passionate about spreading the love of Jesus through his music, his work takes him both interstate and overseas with many well-known Christian singer/songwriters including Darlene Zschech.

Today Craig sings “God So Loved the World.”

You can find out more about Graig by clicking on the following link  http://www.craiggower.com This link opens in a new browser window

Craig Gower singing "God So Loved the World." Craig Gower and the Wesley Impact! band

20 April 2014   

Dr Eddie Fox - World Director of World Methodist Evangelism

This week on Wesley Impact! we celebrate Easter and the message of the Good News with the World Director of World Methodist Evangelism, Dr Eddie Fox. 
Dr. H. Eddie Fox has served since 1989 as the World Director of World Methodist Evangelism and as the Executive Director (1992) of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute. He is responsible for leading sixteen Regional Secretaries of World Evangelism in developing indigenous evangelism on every continent.
The World Methodist Council is an association of churches belonging to the Methodist/Wesleyan tradition representing over 80 million constituents in more than 155 countries. Through the ministry of World Methodist Evangelism, the Council is challenging member congregations to faithfully spread the gospel so “that the world may know Jesus Christ.”

Dr Eddie Fox

“One of our strong passions is how do we multiply the witnesses of Christ.  Listening opens the door to speaking, it’s all about relationships. When we speak to another person we share our testimony. We believe everybody needs to know who Jesus is.”

Lellah’s Story - Easter

Easter is a time when we celebrate Jesus Christ who, by his death and resurrection, offered new hope, forgiveness and purpose. 

This week’s story is a reflection of what Easter means to one of our crisis accommodation clients, who has now stepped back into community life.   

For more information on Noreen Towers Community – Crisis Accommodation click on the following link: www.wesleymission.org.au/Centres/homeless_services/Noreen.asp

Guest Performer - Matt Doeland

Matt Doeland singing “Praise the Lamb.”

For more information on Matt and his music, click on the following link www.mattdoeland.com.au This link opens in a new browser window

Matt Doeland Matt Doeland and the Wesley Impact! band

27 April 2014   

Ken Matthews - Anzac Day - Everyman’s Welfare Service

This week on Wesley Impact! we reflect on this Anzac day holiday weekend with a look at the work of Christian outreach to the Australian Defence Force. 
Chief Commissioner Ken Matthews shares about his role in leading Everyman’s Welfare Service

Called ‘Everyman’s’ for short it was formally known as Campaigners for Christ and operates on most Australian Defence Force bases, as well as serving abroad.

Commissioner Ken Matthews

“Many people come to me and say It’s a great mission field. The ADF can’t just let anyone in. We have an official status with the Defence Force which is really a blessing.”

Keith Garner (right) and Commissioner Ken Matthews

“It’s investing in eternity. The ADF is one of the few jobs where people literally put their life on the line, not only for their country but also for their mates and so the call for me is where is the church in this? What part do we play when they face conflict and what can we do to help them come to a place where they are eternally safe.” 

Wesley Mission Story – Ministry and Mission

As Ken has shared, one of the most important things in pastoral care is to have a listening ear and to offer Christ’s love through action.

Today we look at a day in the life of our Ministry and Mission team at Wesley Mission.

Pastor Andrew Chin Wesley Mission Youth group

Guest Performers - The Cathedral Singers

The Cathedral Singers are based in Sydney and perform a wide repertoire from the 16th to 21st Centuries.   
The choir performs a beautiful hymn, “Abide With Me.” 

For more information on The Cathedral Singers, click on the following link, www.cathedralsingers.org.au This link opens in a new browser window

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