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In the midst of an addiction, life begins again

Looking at Natalie now, an energetic bright-eyed woman, your shock would be forgiven when hearing of her past.

She was drinking a litre of vodka a day; sometimes more. Instead of sleep, her days would end by blacking out. Natalie was out of control. What’s more, her abusive behaviour was destroying her relationships and possible means of support.

‘Mum asked me if I wanted to be buried or cremated,’ Natalie said. ‘She was that convinced I was going to die.’

The question stopped her in her tracks. Natalie seriously reconsidered her life and where her drinking may be leading.

She tried rehab a few times with little success. Thankfully, the program at Wesley Hospital Ashfield offered something different.

‘They’d let us go by ourselves to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings outside the hospital,’ she said. ‘At any time, I could have gone to a bottle shop. But I didn’t want to betray the trust they had put in me.’

Natalie’s last drink was in 2011.

Despite her success, Natalie never thinks of the battle as totally won. ‘Your addiction never goes away,’ she said. ‘It’s just doing push-ups, waiting for you.’

Highly publicised cases of fatal overdoses and memories of those never able to stop their drinking, remind us of what’s at stake. While survivors like Natalie, who share their powerful stories show the new hope that can be found when they’re supported.

Inspired by the life of Jesus, Wesley Mission helps thousands of people escape their addictions every year. Our counselling and rehabilitation programs provide not only medical support but spiritual guidance.

Mark Stevens, drug and alcohol program coordinator at Wesley Hospital Ashfield understands the role spirituality plays in his work.

‘This is where I see people come back to life,’ Mark said. ‘People re-enter their lives—that’s the resurrection, I see.’

‘At the hospital, we step into that very dark place, shine a light and say, there’s a way out. We let people know there is hope.’

Donate to our Easter appeal today, and help Wesley Mission continue the work of Jesus and save people like Natalie from their addictions.

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200 years Pioneering care

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