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Treatment for eating disorders

The Wesley Eating Disorders Centre provides a safe, nurturing environment in which to help individuals normalise their eating behaviour, recover to a healthy weight and reconnect with a life outside their eating disorder.

The Wesley Eating Disorders Centre offers an integrated approach to treatment. Initial treatment is within an in-patient setting with a high level of supervision and an intensive group program. A variety of psychological therapies including cognitive behavioural and mindfulness-based therapies are utilised to give patients the skills to assist with recovery.

Each person is at a different stage of illness and more significantly a different motivational level to recover. If patients are sufficiently motivated they continue with treatment in the day program. The attendance is initially five days a week with gradual step down to three days and one day. Though each individual varies with regard to progress, generally a person is in each stage of the program for three - six weeks. Within the program various aspects of the eating disorder are addressed:

  • medical consequences are assessed and stabilised
  • healthy eating patterns are established
  • skills are taught to cope with unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and emotions
  • a therapeutic environment is provided to support and consolidate skills
  • other co-existing illnesses such as depression or anxiety are assessed and treated
  • the patient gradually learns to eat in settings that are part of their normal life
  • family and other supports are encouraged to be involved in the recovery
  • the patient is encouraged to reconnect with peers, family and work.

The team 

The team is a specialist multi-disciplinary team consisting of nurses, dietitians, clinical psychologists, art and exercise therapists, physicians and psychiatrists. The small number of patients and high level of staffing ensures that patients are treated with expertise, care and compassion.


The Wesley Eating Disorders Centre at Wesley Hospital Ashfield is a specialised 12-bed in-patient unit and day patient program. The in-patient unit offers comfortable, well-appointed single and double rooms. The hospital is situated in a garden setting with plenty of available parking. The day program is held in a cottage within the hospital grounds.

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