200 years Pioneering care

About Wesley

About Wesley

Wesley Mission is Australia’s largest Christian complex

Wesley Mission Podcasts and RSS feeds

Wesley Mission publishes a number of podcast files and RSS feeds to help make it easier for you to keep up to date with our resources.

Praise, Prayer and Preaching podcast

Rev Keith Garner’s sermon preached at the Praise, Prayer and Preaching service are available for download.

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Other Congregations

Wesley International Congregation

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Other RSS Feeds

How to use the feeds

First you’ll need to download a RSS reader from the internet. Many free readers exist and can be downloaded for use. Searching for RSS Readers can help locate one.

Once you have a reader, you can subscribe to the feeds above by adding them to your reader. When new content is added to the Wesley Mission site, your news reader will let you know and will give you the link.

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200 years Pioneering care

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