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Wesley Disability Respite

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What we offer

What we offer


Wesley Disability Respite provides carers with the freedom to take a break and a change of scenery for those who they care for. It is a positive and rewarding experience for all involved.

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Wesley Disability Respite offers a range of services for people with a disability and their carers. These include:

  • emergency respite
  • centre based children’s respite
  • centre based adult respite
  • respite for carers.

We provide pre-planned and emergency respite for people with a disability. The focus of the respite service is to meet the needs of the person and families and carers. The service provides a caring and individually focused environment for people with a disability. 

Priority is determined according to greatest need, for example no other/limited support networks or high support needs. Based on the information gained from the referral and needs assessment a score is given to determine priority. One point is added to each person’s score for every month they are on the waiting list.

Wesley Mission’s staff are friendly, respectful and appropriately skilled to offer dignified respite to people with a disability and their carers. Their compassion offers real peace of mind and means those who need to can take a break without guilt, fear or concern.


Wesley Disability Respite aims to support the maintenance of the relationship between the family and the person with a disability through the provision of regular away from home care. Our services aim to meet the needs of the person and families/carers within the available resources. The service provides a caring and person centred environment for people with a disability.

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Philosophy of care

Wesley Disability Respite provides temporary relief from the responsibilities of caring and being cared for.

Wesley Mission believes that families deserve to be nurtured and supported through challenging circumstances and that respite can help sustain a healthy and strong family environment.We believe that families and individuals should be involved in the decision making process for respite care. Wesley Disability Respite is a person centred service supporting people to live life the way they choose.

Wesley Mission:

  • works to maintain an environment designed to empower and support people with a disability and their families
  • focuses on more independence and dignity in family life
  • focuses on achieving better outcomes for people with disabilities and enables a high quality of living.

How we work

Wesley Disability Respite provides a service where people with a disability can enjoy a variety of recreational and leisure activities. They are assisted and encouraged to maintain the necessary social and life skills to enable them to have a valued and accepted role in the community. Individual needs are discussed with the person and their family and/or carer, then documented and implemented during the person’s respite stay.

The allocation of care and booking procedure is as follows.

Emergency bed

  1. Entrance to the respite program is in order of request for care. An emergency placement is provided for any person already a client of the program.
  2. An application for our emergency bed service can be made by phone. The emergency bed is a temporary bed only and cannot be utilised by the same person on a permanent basis.
  3. Wesley Disability Respite acknowledges our duty of care and responsibility for the people who are pre-booked for respite care in accepting or declining a request for the emergency bed. The needs of the people in the service at any given time determine the nature of the resource available for a request for emergency care.
  4. Admission of a person for emergency respite where possible occurs when staff are on duty and not on sleep over/night shift. However recognition is given to situations that are a crisis and admission may occur at any time by negotiation. Similarly by negotiation a person may receive respite care during the day while booked people are attending school/day programs.

Cancellation of booking

  1. Cancellation of bookings are to be notified at the earliest time to the centre by phone. The centre will send confirmation of cancellation by mail.
  2. If a cancellation occurs the staff refer to the active list, in the first instance, and offer the respite bed to people on the list. A person on the waiting list may be offered a stay. All decisions regarding a booking against a cancelled bed are based on compatibility with the other people in respite at the time.

Planned service closures

  1. In order to effectively manage resources, planned service closures occur for staff training and annual leave. The Team Leader advises families/guardians on an annual basis of planned service closures for staff training and annual leave. The Team Leader plans the closures to have the least impact on families/guardians using the respite service. Planning of service closures ensures that closures do not occur during peak periods eg school holidays
  2. The Team Leader invites feedback from families/guardians who are disadvantaged by these closures and where possible will negotiate alternative arrangements.

Waiting list

  1. When a person applies to Wesley Disability Services and meets the entry criteria but no vacancies currently exist their name is placed on a waiting list.
  2. The people on the waiting list are prioritised when a vacancy occurs according to the person who has the greatest need.
  3. People on the waiting list who have not responded to contact within a year have their details archived. Similarly people who no longer meet the entrance criteria have their details archived.