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Training and Education

Training and Education

We operate over 450 centres and services helping those in need

Training and education

Learn new skills, upgrade existing skills or obtain nationally recognised qualifications through one of Wesley Mission's educational facilities.  Choose from a wide range of nationally developed training packages, Literacy and Numeracy programs and traineeships. We offer accredited vocational education and training programs, providing pathways to employment, career advancement and career changes. 

Counselling training   

A man training on a computer workstation
"Training with an ethical, caring approach."

Wesley training can give you the communication and counselling skills needed to help people dealing with crises like financial hardships, domestic violence and people who may be contemplating suicide.

Gambling counsellor training   

Wesley gambling counselling training provides a range of training courses for counsellors who wish to pursue specialised training in dealing with problem gamblers and their families.

Nursing qualifications   

Wesley Mission offers continuing education for nurses through Wesley Vocational Institute.

Suicide prevention   

LifeForce is a national suicide prevention program educating the community about suicide, how to recognise the signs and to intervene effectively.

Training for organisations   

Lifeline Sydney Commercial Training (LCT) develops and delivers customised training, presentations and coaching for organisations. Our flexible training includes skill development, performance improvement and cultural change.

Vocational education and training   

Learn new skills and upgrade existing skills through nationally-recognised qualifications, with Wesley Vocational Institute, providing flexible pathways to employment and career advancement.

Wesley School for seniors   

'Learn as if you were going to live forever,' the saying goes. Take a range of stimulating courses in great company - languages, music, computers and more. 

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