He makes war to cease

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Listen to the Rev Dr Keith Garner’s sermon from this week’s Praise, Prayer & Preaching service.

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By Rev Dr Rick Dacey

This week the Rev Dr Rick Dacey discusses Remembrance Day as a moment to memorialise not only the sacrifices of others, but also the vital value of peace. In this sermon we listen to the age old comfort of Psalm 46, a comfort that underpins the faith of so many soldiers who fought and died. There is a haunting parallel to the psalm as we look at the letters written by soldiers, pen and ink showing the faith and bravery of men who gave their lives for their countries. Like a soldier in battle, the psalmist sees the world crashing down all around him, nature and nations threatening to consume him. And like a soldier in battle, the psalmist puts his whole trust in God, seeing a vision of God’s victory over war itself. This Remembrance Day is a time to think of those who gave their lives for ours, mourn with those who mourn, and press ever on in the aim for peace on Earth. 

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