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John Wesley–The man and his mission

An award-winning film presented by Rev Keith V Garner, AM.

In 'John Wesley–the man and his mission', Rev Keith V Garner, AM, shares powerful insight from one of the world's most influential Christian leaders.

You'll discover:

  • John Wesley's humble beginnings;
  • his pathway to becoming a world-changing leader; and
  • how his legacy can inspire your mission.

$24.95 (includes GST) + $5 standard local postage

John Wesley 810x540

The Man of Galilee

Presented by Rev Keith V Garner, AM.

Experience the Sea of Galilee with a first-hand look at the locations that Jesus Christ called home, and explore how his teachings remain relevant today. As Rev Keith V Garner, AM, ask questions about the life and impact of Jesus Christ in 'The Man of Galilee' documentary series.

The Man of Galilee is a six parts documentary that comes with a study guide, featuring:

  • Nazareth
  • Capernaum
  • Tiberias
  • Magdala
  • The Sea of Galilee

Find out more here.

$24.95 (includes GST) + $5 standard local postage

$19.95 (includes GST) to download online

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Wesley Impact! TV–Perspective on faith series

Looking for a new perspective on faith?

Presented by the Rev Keith V Garner, AM, on insightful and inspirational interviews.

Series one: 'Perspectives on faith and leadership' looks at a cross section of leadership styles and principles of Christian leaders who have brought positive social change.
Series two: 'Perspectives on faith and sport' looks at the motivations and drive of this unique collection of athletes who share the Christian faith.
Series three: 'Perspectives on faith and entertainment' looks at entertainment on the stage, screen and in music and shares the importance of faith in the arts.

Perspective on faith and leadership

Conversations with leaders across Australia, featured interviews with:

  • Andrew Scipione, APM–NSW Police Commissioner
  • John Brogden, AM–Former NSW Liberal Party Leader and Chairman of Lifeline Australia
  • Professor Graeme Clark, AC–Inventor of the Cochlear ear implant
  • Ian ‘Watto’ Watson–Founder of Shed Happens
  • Leigh Hatcher–Journalist and Media Commentator
  • Gary Raymond, APM–Former Chief Inspector, NSW Police

$19.95 (includes GST) + $5 standard local postage

Faith and leadership 810x540

Perspective on faith and sport

Conversations with world class athletes, featured interviews with:

  • Nigel Benn–World champion boxer
  • Elka Whalan–Dual Olympic swimmer
  • Duncan Armstrong, OAM–Swimming gold medallist
  • Deb Lovely–Australian weightlifter
  • Margaret Court, AO MBE–Retired tennis champion
  • Eloise Wellings–Long distance runner

$19.95 (includes GST) + $5 standard local postage

Faith and sport 810x540

Perspective on faith and entertainment

Conversations with influential performers, featured interviews with:

  • Debra Byrne–Singer, actress and entertainer
  • Geoff Bullock–Gospel musician
  • Colin Buchanan–Singer and entertainer
  • Merelyn and David Carter–Country music artists
  • Daniel Kay–Performer and founding member of Ten Tenors
  • Darlene Zschech–Worship leader and singer-songwriter

$19.95 (includes GST) + $5 standard local postage

Faith and entertainment 810x540

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