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Episode 1: Who is the Man of Galilee?

26 April 2018 Episode guide

Jesus was born during a time of change and unrest under the political and economic leadership of the Galilee region.

He was born during the rule of Herod the Great, and lived under the rule of his son Herod Antipas in the region that Jesus called home: the Galilee.

The Galilee was a client kingdom of the Roman Empire, which meant the Herodians and all of the people of that region were subservient to Roman rule.

Caesar Augustus was the Roman Emperor at the time of his birth, and Caesar Tiberius was Emperor during the time of Jesus’ ministry.

Each leader played an important role in the early Christian story, which resulted in Jesus Christ being born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth. This was due to their political influence upon circumstances.

The Man of Gaililee Episode 1

Throughout his ministry, to some Jesus was a teacher. To others he brought healing, or worked wonders. To the disciples and those close to him, he was a captivating leader and friend.

On the other hand, to his adversaries he was a religious, political and social nuisance who needed to be silenced.

Whether teaching in the open air, in small and intimate settings, or when speaking with individuals, Jesus encouraged, corrected, motivated and equipped people with a purpose. He led by example and told stories which had universal themes.

Before the start of his ministry, Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River, then led by God into the wilderness to be tested. He was tempted to turn away from his purpose and put God’s promises to the test, and even perhaps to switch allegiances by accepting wealth and a position of influence in his day.

On all occasions, Jesus resisted temptation and remained true to his purpose.

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