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Episode 2: How does Jesus call people?

26 April 2018 Episode guide

Jesus lived during a time of relative peace and economic prosperity in the Galilee and religion was very much a part of everyday life.

Herod Antipas oversaw the development of cities along the Via Maris trade route and by the Sea of Galilee, which drew people to the region and, as a consequence, resulted in pressure on local farmers and field workers to produce more for the growing population.

There were various religious groups calling for people’s allegiance, each presenting their own understanding of God’s laws, acceptable ways of living and expectations of a coming Messiah.

Collectively, this resulted in simmering discontent, and political and religious tensions among the people of the Galilee, which were pervasive at the time of the ministry of Jesus.

When calling people, Jesus Christ was aware of the changing times and the uncertainty this brought.

The Man of Gaililee Episode 2

In the first century, there was little separation between religion and community activities. The synagogues were places of worship on the Sabbath, and community centres throughout the week. Religion was part of everyday life, reflected in the laws, customs and traditions of the day.

Jesus called people who were not usually seen as having spiritual or religious influence in their communities, even if they were influential in other circles. These people may have had business or administrative skills, a level of community and social awareness, and a quality that drew them to Jesus Christ.

When calling people to follow him, Jesus gave purpose, meaning and a reason to follow, and called them in a way which was meaningful and relevant to them.

Jesus called the disciples from their vocations, their sense of identity, from friends and peers, and even from family ties.

Today, Jesus Christ calls people from all areas of life.

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