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Episode 3: How does Jesus teach people?

26 April 2018 Episode guide

Jesus Christ was unquestionably one of the best storytellers of all time, and many of his followers continue to share their faith by telling stories.

Men and women in the realms of music, literature, politics, film and entertainment continue to share the message of God’s love through their chosen pathways.

Sharing the Christian faith and storytelling go hand in hand.

When Jesus told stories, he was always communicating from experience, through experience and to experience, using everyday examples to teach people.

He told stories that had universal and generic themes, and could be easily understood and applied to people’s lives.

Jesus didn’t just use his words to teach his followers about the kingdom of God; he related his words to his actions for all to see.

Jesus taught by doing, and allowed his deeds to show God’s love for all.

The Man of Gaililee Episode 3

When he healed the sick and the blind, and called children to him even after they had been sent away by the disciples, he was pointing to the value of all people, be they young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy.  These actions taught everyone about the universal nature of God’s love.

By doing God’s work, more and more people were attracted to him, his teachings, and ultimately to the message of God’s love for all.

Jesus taught a message of forgiveness and acceptance that called for a response in the deepest places of people’s lives.

So he taught by telling stories and through actions, which shared God’s love and compassion.

He gave of his time, he gave people his attention, and Jesus shared lovingly from his heart.

Throughout this series, we have focused on instances where Jesus taught those around him firstly by responding to need, and secondly by sharing confronting truths that called for a change of direction.

When approached by Jairus to heal his daughter, Jesus responded by agreeing to go to his home.

Along the way, a woman seeking help was healed by touching his garment. When he arrived at Jairus’ house, the daughter was reported to have died, but Jesus brought her back to life.

At Caesarea Philippi, Jesus asked three disciples, Peter, James and John about who he was, and through the ensuing discussion corrected misunderstandings that existed about him, equipping them for what lay ahead.

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