Episode 6: Life and religion

The Man of Galilee

Questions about the life and impact of Jesus Christ.

It can be said that the teachings of Jesus Christ transcend time and place. They have reached across the boundaries of culture, race and peoples.

His message was up to date, and changed the way people saw life in the first century, and continues to speak powerfully to us today.

Jesus lived at a time when religion and community activity were all of a piece—when the Roman Empire ruled much of the known world, during a time of expansion and change in the Galilee, and during a time of political and social division that resulted in simmering tensions between different religious and community groups.

When Jesus Christ spoke to the needs of people, he did so in a way that empowered them to discover the fullness of God’s purpose for their lives. He offered hope and brought people into a closer relationship with God.

When speaking to personal, social and economic needs, he pointed people in new directions and empowered them to develop their own understanding of what he was teaching. Through stories and interpreting history, he enlightened people’s minds.

When he taught, he was often questioned by those present. Sometimes they sought clarification, and at other times some who didn’t approve of him tried to catch him out.

But he would not turn away from difficult matters. The mission of Jesus Christ required a response.

He had a way of interacting with those who followed him that saw through the immediate need to their spiritual needs. He empowered people to discover spiritual truth for themselves, and brought change and transformation that impacted all areas of their lives.

When considering world religions, Christianity stands out in offering new life as a gift from God, rather than a reward to be earned or a destination to be achieved—and Jesus Christ is at the heart of this gift.

It is when we see the totality of his life, death and resurrection that we can begin to understand what he came to bring. This message is one that opens the gift of eternal life and offers a way of selfless, compassionate service towards others.

We are not forced to believe or belong, but it is as we draw closer to understanding Jesus Christ, we will be able to receive all that he has to offer and gain a special heart for the poor and otherwise neglected. His heart for others becomes our heart for the world.

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