Service updates

Wesley Mission’s services are here for you and for those who are vulnerable throughout this unprecedented time. The vast majority of our work is an essential community service, and we expect to continue providing the best possible care throughout this time of need. Due to government directives or other temporary disruptions, while we continue to provide our services some may be delivered in a different way. Below is an update of those services that have temporary changes. 

Newcastle Community Hub is open for business. Our No Wrong Door approach is temporarily adapted to comply with COVID-19 NSW Health recommendations. We continue to assist every person who contacts the Hub by phone, email or in person, while maintaining social distancing and health hygiene measures. Our Client Support Team is committed to an end-to-end client experience which addresses a client’s immediate needs, and where appropriate, also linking clients to service supports that consider their broader circumstances.

To speak with a Client Support Team Member please phone 02 4951 3600, or email 

We now have limited spaces at in-person gatherings every week for Sunday services at Wesley Mission 220 Pitt St, as well as continuing to stream services in English, Indonesian and Chinese here.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, places are limited at our Sunday services, please reserve a spot by clicking here.

Our Congregations online page also has additional resources in English that we pray will bless and uplift you.

If you’re in need of pastoral care, we encourage you to get in touch by emailing our pastoral team at

Wesley Community Legal Service is a free service available throughout New South Wales, and is available by telephone and email. The service has temporarily stopped in-person appointments. Our friendly and helpful lawyers understand how gambling problems affect individuals and families and are ready and waiting to help. Call us on (02) 9263 5590.

The Wesley Conference Centre is open and available to assist with live and virtual events.

A registered COVID Safe business, all staff have completed the Restaurant & Catering Association COVID-19 Hospitality Best Practice Training.

In line with the latest safety regulations and recommendations, we have put in place a number of COVID safe steps and precautions to ensure the safety of all our visitors and staff is maintained, these include:

  • Placing signage throughout the venue to communicate the importance of hand washing, social spacing, coughing etiquette and staying at home if you’re unwell
  • Placing hand sanitisers, tissue boxes and bins for hygienic disposal in all spaces
  • Increasing our comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces
  • Our catering service options have been modified, and we continue to stringently adhere to all food safety regulations and requirements
  • Implementing social spacing strategies, adhering to the limit of one person per two square metres
  • Providing virtual events including webcasting, video conferencing broadcasting from our digital studio.

…and more.

Please contact our team here to find out more about how we can help you hold your next event.

Welsey Financial Counselling are still committed to delivering the best possible support service to all clients and have temporarily adapted its services to ensure the safety of our clients and staff is fully met.

Wesley Financial Counselling is currently providing telephone and video conference appointments to those who require financial counselling at the following locations:

  • Ashfield
  • Woolloomooloo
  • Maroubra
  • Bankstown
  • Bondi Junction
  • Bella Vista
  • Sydney CBD
  • Fairfield
  • Newcastle
  • Sutherland
  • Taree
  • Tuggerah
  • Windsor
  • Wollongong
  • Penrith
  • Port Macquarie

To arrange an appointment with a financial counsellor please contact us:

Phone 1300 827 638
Online Enquiry:


Wesley Mission will charge up to 100% of services that are cancelled under the following circumstances:

  • Where you do not show up for a scheduled support within a reasonable time, or you are not present at the agreed place and within a reasonable time when we are travelling to deliver the support;
  • Where Wesley Mission receives less than two (2) clear business days’ notice for a support that is less than eight (8) hours continuous duration and worth less than $1,000; or
  • Where Wesley Mission receives less than five (5) clear business days for any other support.

Three new support coordination items under Core Supports

Clients can flexibly use their Core or Capacity Building budgets for support coordination. As Wesley Disability Services is a provider of Support Coordination Services we can provide this service as needed.

If you are already using Wesley Disability Support Services please contact your Service Manager directly if you have any further questions. If you would like to enquire more about our services or have any further questions please call 1800 021 821 or email

Wesley Mission’s Emergency Relief program helps people address their immediate basic needs in times of financial crisis.

Due to COVID-19, the Emergency Relief team has launched a new online submission form to help respond to the high volume of enquiries we are currently receiving. Once the form has been submitted, a team member will contact you within seven business days to discuss your enquiry.

To access the Wesley Emergency Relief form, please click here.

For urgent support, please email

Wesley Experiences is continuing to deliver memorable outdoor experiences in a COVID Safe environment.

As a registered COVID Safe business, all staff have completed the Australian Government’s COVID-19 infection control training and have implemented several changes to ensure we’re able to deliver COVID Safe events for all people who access our services.

To comply with COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve put precautions in place for your safety. These ensure:

  • records of all participants are kept for contact tracing purposes and provided to the relevant parties only if required
  • temperatures are checked, and COVID-19 questionnaires are filled out by all participants within 24 hours of each event, if not at the beginning of the event
  • hand sanitiser/hand washing is widely encouraged and used prior and post to all meal and activity sessions
  • social distancing is encouraged where possible during activity sessions when relevant
  • all activity equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitised in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
  • flexible delivery options for most programs, including venue changes or incursions where possible are avalible.

We’re open for bookings! Contact us online and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your goals and requirements.

Our patients’ wellbeing is our highest priority. But as we navigate these challenging times, we’re continually making changes to our visitor rules to follow new government guidelines surrounding COVID-19.

We ask all visitors at Wesley Hospital Ashfield and Wesley Hospital Kogarah to maintain the following:

  • visitors over 12 years of age are required to wear masks at all times and to abide by social distancing guidelines, maintaining 1.5 metres distance.
  • up to two adults plus children can see their loved ones for 30 minutes, per visit
  • visitors will be required to participate in screening on arrival at site.

We ask that you refrain from visiting Wesley Hospital Ashfield and Wesley Hospital Kogarah if:

  • you’ve returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • had contact with someone who’s tested positively for COVID-19
  • you experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, including:
    • runny nose
    • headache
    • cough
    • shortness of breath and/or rapid breathing
    • sore throat
    • fever
    • malaise.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your local General Practitioner. 

While visitors are now welcome, we highly encourage visitors to continue connecting with their loved ones through interactive means such as video calls and messaging.

The wellbeing of children at our Wesley Out of School Hours Care (Wesley OOSH) centres is our number one priority. We have a COVID Safe Plan to ensure that our centres continue to remain a safe environment for everyone.

Wesley ParentsNext is a flexible and supportive program for parents with young children and has adapted its services to now be done online and over the phone. The service has temporarily stopped in-person appointments but still remains committed to supporting clients to plan ahead and work towards their education and employment goals at a pace that suits families and circumstances.

Contact number: 1300 911 486

It is of utmost importance that our residents feel safe and cared for in our centres, and that life continues as normally as possible. We know how important it is for the emotional and mental wellbeing of our residents and their family members to remain in contact, and we encourage families to connect with their loved ones as often as possible.

Here’s how we’re caring for our residents while minimising the risk of COVID-19 entering any of our Centres.

Influenza vaccination requirements in Residential Aged Care

In 2020, very little seasonal influenza circulated in NSW, as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations for mandatory influenza vaccinations when entering aged care facilities.

The NSW Government has issued a directive that from 1 June to 30 September 2021, anyone entering a residential aged care facility is required to provide evidence that they received a dose of the 2021 influenza vaccination. Appropriate evidence may be a statement or record from a health practitioner, or an immunisation history statement available from Medicare online or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app. This applies to anyone entering an aged care facility including staff, visitors, contractors, volunteers etc.

From 1 June 2021, the following are exceptions for anyone entering a residential aged care facility if they have not had an influenza vaccination in 2021:

  • Where a person has a medical contraindication to the influenza vaccine (documented evidence must be provided)
  • Where a person had a COVID-19 vaccine in the last 2 weeks from the day of the visit or is booked in to have a COVID-19 vaccine (documented evidence must be provided).

In exceptional or special circumstances, it may be possible for otherwise excluded visitors to be allowed entry into the facility:

  • where they are providing essential care
    • An essential care purpose can include people visiting their loved ones who are receiving end-of-life care, or for visiting a resident with a serious mental illness (including advanced dementia), where the resident requires a trusted carer to support and maintain social and emotional wellbeing.
    • An essential care person is someone who has frequently and regularly visited a resident to provide aspects of care and companionship to that person. An essential care person is not a casual visitor, or visitor not providing an aspect of care, or visitor who the resident does not want to have assisting with their care.
  • on compassionate grounds (for example, during end of life care).

A decision to admit otherwise excluded visitors (including if they do not have an up-to-date influenza vaccine or a documented medical exemption) will be based on an assessment by the facility of the risk posed by the visitor, and the ability of the facility to manage their visit. Added precautions, including (but not limited to) being escorted directly to and from the room of the resident, wearing a mask and remaining within the room during the visit, would need to be in place.

Further information on influenza vaccination requirements in aged care facilities can be found on the following website Residential care facilities and influenza – Influenza ( 

Visiting guidelines

Please note that our visiting arrangements are informed by the latest public health advice available and can change rapidly based on any cases of suspected or confirmed community transmission or increased areas of concern. Further restrictions may be implemented at our Centres at short notice to keep everyone safe. We recommend that you visit NSW Health for the most current information on any COVID-19 restrictions for residential aged care facilities. Alternatively, you can contact the Centre directly prior to your visit for the latest advice.

Based on the current public health advice, the following visiting arrangements at our residential aged care facilities will remain in place until further notice:

  • From 1 June 2021 to 30 September 2021 you must provide documented evidence that you have received your 2021 influenza vaccine, unless you meet the criteria outlined under the exceptional and special circumstances listed here.
  • Visitors must sign in using the QR Code provided at the entrance / screening area of the facility.
  • Visitors must provide contact details and pass all screening questions before a visit can proceed
  • Visitors are able to visit their loved ones during visiting hours, and there is no limit on the amount of time you can spend with your loved one
  • There is no limit to the number of visitors residents may have each day
  • If and when visiting restrictions are increased, exceptional circumstance visits for compassionate reasons may be arranged through your local Centre, based on the public health advice available at the time
  • Non-contact communication options, which can also be arranged through your local Centre, include:
    • Video conferencing
    • Telephone calls
    • Letters via post
    • Letters via email

To co-ordinate and support our residents, all non-contact communication must be pre-arranged. Please contact the centre’s Customer Service Officer by email or telephone between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Any enquiries received outside of these times will be read and responded to the following business day.

When visiting our Centres, we ask that you follow strict hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette protocols, and maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5m, even when visiting in residents’ rooms. We also ask that you visit with your loved one only and do not physically interact with other residents or visitors.

We also strongly encourage our visitors and staff to follow all COVID safe measures in the community, to minimise the risk of our residents and staff being exposed to the virus.

Pre-entry screening

Anyone wishing to enter any of our Centres will be screened on arrival. This includes visitors, staff and contractors. Anyone who meets any of the following criteria will not be permitted to enter any of our Centres:

  • If you have been to any close or casual contact locations in NSW, or any Interstate or New Zealand places of high concern
  • If you have a fever (37.5°C or higher) and / or symptoms of COVID-19
  • If you are waiting for a COVID-19 test result, or have been confirmed as having COVID-19 and are still within your self-isolation period
  • If you are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period
  • If you live in a household with a person who is identified as a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 or are within their self-isolation period
  • You must have received your 2021 influenza vaccine, unless you meet the criteria outlined under the exceptional and special circumstances listed here.

Cleaning, hygiene and training

We adhere to the strictest cleaning, hygiene and infection control practices as defined by public health authorities. Our staff use personal protective equipment in appropriate circumstances. Hand sanitiser is available to residents, staff and visitors throughout each home.

During the pandemic, our cleaning regime has been intensified to minimise the risk of contact transmission of the virus. Frequently touched surfaces in resident areas are being cleaned with a neutral detergent at least daily, when visibly soiled, and after every known contamination. An additional 4 hours of cleaning has been scheduled at all of our Centres daily. When necessary, we will initiate a deep clean of any home to ensure there is no infection.

Staff across our homes have completed mandatory COVID-19 training. At each Centre, an Infection Prevention and Control Lead has been appointed and has completed additional specialist training to ensure they are prepared to prevent and respond to infectious diseases.

We thank you all again for your support understanding of these safety measures. Our priority remains the safety and protection of all residents and staff in our centres, and as information from NSW Health is changing very rapidly, we will continue to update and communicate with you the latest advice.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your local Centre, or you can contact us at our dedicated COVID-19 email address:

The wellbeing of our residents and staff is our number one priority and we are working to ensure that our Retirement Villages continue to remain a safe environment for everyone.

We are committed to communicating transparently and clearly with our residents and have issued letters to keep them up to date with the preventative actions taken so far in line with Australian Governments advice, for their safety.

We have robust infection control practices that are reviewed and updated regularly. Our staff and residents are supported through training and education on infection control, outbreak management and COVID-19 in accordance with advice from the Australian Department of Health and local Public Health Units. 

Our open day events have been cancelled in response to Government guidelines. We are however still conducting personal tours for our sites, with a limit on the number of people attending to comply with social distancing requirements. Please talk to our friendly Sales and Guest relations team if you have any questions regarding a tour at a Wesley Retirement Village.

We strongly advise all visitors to adhere to the Governments’ advice and help us to keep our vulnerable community safe during this unprecedented time and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

We ask that you refrain from visiting our communities if:
•    You have returned from overseas in the last 14 days.
•    Have had contact with someone who has tested positively for COVID-19.
•    You experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, including:
     – Runny nose;
    – Headache;
    – Cough;
    – Shortness of breath and/or rapid breathing;
    – Sore throat;
    – Fever; and
    – Malaise.
If you are experiencing these symptoms, please contact your local GP.

If you require any further information with regards to visiting a Wesley Retirement Village and/or have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call our village teams who are dedicated to supporting our residents during the COVID-19 threat.

Phone number: 1800 931 107


As restrictions on gathering and movement in New South Wales are constantly changing, we’re planning for a staged reopening of Wesley School for Seniors in 2021. As of the new year, Wesley School for Seniors classes will run as below:

In person classes at:

  • City: Level 3, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney
  • Alan Walker Village: 1 Dalmar Place, Carlingford
  • Frank Vickery Village: 101 Port Hacking Road, Sylvania.

For our online classes run via Zoom remotely please click here.

All tutors and students will have to comply with COVID safe rules, including temperature checks, sign in procedures, hand sanitisation or use of gloves as appropriate.

Staying connected with one another is more important than ever, especially during this challenging time.

Wesley Seniors Social Hub is open for business. We continue to assist every person who contacts the Hub by phone, email or in person, while maintaining social distancing and health hygiene measures.

We are still currently running our Youth Hope Program and Youth Action Team in the Blacktown and Penrith areas. We will continue to support families in case management, ensuring both worker and client safety is always our number one priority. Our team is getting creative in how we meet and engage with our clients including:

  • FaceTime calls
  • Meeting at local parks
  • Meeting at front verandas.

We currently cover 5 Child Protection offices in Penrith, St Marys, Hawkesbury, Blacktown and Mt Druitt, and take both self and community referrals.

We are not a crisis service; however, we are able to refer you to other services when necessary.

Our service is available from 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday

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