Live a meaningful life; work, friends and more

What makes life meaningful for you? Friendships? Family? Having something to do each day that provides connection and purpose? 

We believe that a meaningful life is all these things and more; good health and wellbeing, opportunities to learn and grow, get a job, support other people or volunteer. Whatever makes life meaningful for you, we’re here to provide support.

Finding and keeping a job

Find a job that fits you and your abilities, develop skills to make work an everyday part of your life. 

Wesley Employment & Training Services can connect you with specialised supported employment opportunities where you can train and work in supportive businesses that deliver packaging, gardening and cleaning services.

We can help you with future studies too. Find out how we can help you access education from TAFE, universities and other institutions to take the next steps in your career.

Making relationships better

Our specialised behaviour team provides you with individual support to manage your emotions, develop strategies to deal with difficult situations and build socials skills to help improve your relationships. People who engage with our specialists have said the experience improved their relationships, home life and ability to get out and about.

Connecting with your community

Whether you’re a dancer or a diner, a social butterfly or a homebody, we can help you find more opportunities to enjoy your life and feed your passions.

Get involved with community events, play sport, see a show or catch up with mates at the pub. From feeling confident to travel independently, to meeting new people – we can help power your social life.

Get involved with Wesley LifeSkills

Wesley LifeSkills is a centre-based program that can support you  in whatever makes life meaningful for you. Through one-on-one support and group activities, you can develop friendships and grow your skills, confidence and independence. It can also be used as an alternative to paid employment or further education in the medium to longer term.

Activities include music therapy, literacy and numeracy development, cooking, art, swimming and other sports, living skills, personal training, dance therapy, special events and social outings.

Operating throughout a number of Sydney locations, all centres are well-equipped, accessible and feature purpose-built sensory rooms to provide new experiences. Best of all, the hours are flexible to work around you and your family’s schedule.

Taking charge of your mental health

The National Contributing Life Survey Project made it clear that no matter what mental health difficulties you may be experiencing, you have the right to live a contributing life.

Access to mental health support makes a huge difference in living a contributing life. That’s why we have specialist mental health support teams who can help you take charge of your mental health whether it’s adjusting to a new life with an acquired disability, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or something else.

Take the first steps to take charge of your mental health by contacting us.

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