Parenting skills

Being a parent can be challenging at times. We offer practical advice and provide support to you and your family.

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Parents looking to learn and improve their parenting skills can find help through our range of uniquely designed workshops, all offered through Wesley Family Centres. 

Our workshops help parents to:

  • understand the link between children’s emotions and their behaviour
  • respond to children’s emotions and behaviour promptly and sensitively
  • understand childhood and how to support the development and learning of children in the early years

Parenting workshops are offered in a friendly and supportive environment, and provide great benefits for families, including:

  • boosted confidence in parents’ own abilities
  • tools to manage children’s behaviour at different stages of their development
  • assistance to parents working with children to achieve their potential.

Our workshops are available across all of our family centres in Quakers HillRiverstoneDungog and Westlakes.

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