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A strong family is the cornerstone to healthy communities. When children are unable to stay with their birth families, our foster carers provide security, stability and a safe place to call home.

Wesley Dalmar operates across NSW to help find children caring guardians.

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Our foster care success is the result of hard work and committed staff, but it simply wouldn't be possible without our foster carers and mentors.

Could you be a Foster Carer like Ben or Sarah?

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    Sarah is a teacher’s aide who loves helping kids fulfil their potential. Ben is a frontline medical worker who’s seen many kids doing it tough.

    And both have decided to use their professional experience to become Foster Carers with Wesley Dalmar.

    If you have experience as a medical professional, teacher or other caring profession, you can become a specialised Foster Carer like Ben and Sarah too, and help provide a home for children as young as five who are currently in crisis accommodation.

    As a specialist worker like Sarah and Ben, you’ll have a range of experiences from your professional career that could make you an ideal Foster Carer.

    You may be a teacher like Sarah, who says, “I find it very fulfilling using my professional experience to give children with high needs a stable home environment, and I can see the difference it makes in their lives.”

    Or you may have experience caring for children with complex needs, like Ben, who says:

    “Over the years, I’ve seen what a big difference a stable home environment can make to children who have had a tough upbringing or experienced significant childhood trauma. I chose to become a Foster Carer with Wesley Dalmar, so I can use my professional experience to help kids with high needs get the care they need.“

    The team at Wesley Dalmar will provide the knowledge, skills and confidence new Foster Carers need to offer the best care possible for the children in their homes. It’s something Ben says has made a big difference:

    “I’m very grateful for everyone at Wesley Dalmar. From the very beginning of my journey as a foster carer – and with every step along the way – they’ve provided me with an exceptional level of support, which is great for me, and the kids I care for too.”

    To find out more about becoming a specialist Foster Carer, please call 1300 DALMAR (1300 325 627) today.

What to expect when fostering a child with Wesley Dalmar

Foster carers are extraordinary. Being a carer comes with a range of responsibilities and each day can bring new challenges and great rewards.

The decision for a child to enter into an out-of-home care arrangement is made by the Department of Communities and Justice in New South Wales. Where possible, children are to stay with their own families with support. Removal is the last option.

When it is necessary, Wesley Dalmar ensure the child is placed with the best possible guardian to support their needs and growth.

Our foster carers:

  • draw on their own experiences of raising children
  • provide good quality day-to-day care for children and respect the Code of Conduct for Authorised Carers
  • provide a safe environment for the child in their care that is free from abuse
  • work as part of a team with Case Managers to support children in their care
  • promote the positive development of children and young people in foster care
  • help children to build positive ongoing relationships with their birth family and develop a strong sense of identity and culture
  • engage in ongoing training and personal development.

Foster care stories

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Jessica's Story

Determination and resilience combined with loving foster carers to break the cycle of suffering in Jessica's life.

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Michelle and Steven’s Story

The heart-warming words of some of Wesley Dalmar’s dedicated foster carers.

Foster Care and Adoptions 810x540 10

Public apology foster care

We express deep sadness and regret for any of the children in our care who did not receive the consistent, loving care that they needed and deserved.

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