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How can I get involved?

You can make a real difference at Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland

It’s our vision to create an Australia free from suicide – but we need your help.

Every year, Lifeline answers more than 40,000 calls from people in crisis. With your support, we can continue to offer this vital service and help save lives from suicide, because every life matters.

Become a volunteer Crisis Supporter

Are you empathetic, resilient and looking to give back? Join a vibrant community and develop skills you can use in any environment? By becoming an accredited Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteer Crisis Supporter, you can help ensure no call for help goes unanswered.

Other ways to get involved

Why volunteer with us?

At Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland, we value your time and commitment, and do everything we can to ensure you get back as much as you give – personally and professionally.

Our kind, approachable, qualified and experienced team is dedicated to supporting you on your volunteer journey, whether it’s for a day or a decade.

Our culture

We care about your personal, physical and emotional wellbeing. We’ll listen, act and guide you along your journey.

Centre experience

We want to help you keep at your best. Our staff are in the centre on weekends and nights to assist you and we’ll regularly check-in with you to support your wellbeing. 


We work with you at every stage of your volunteer journey to ensure it meets your needs.


We create opportunities to connect and celebrate your service.


We provide tools and resources to support your mental and physical health and add value to your life.

What’s in it for me?

Becoming a Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteer Crisis Supporter is an investment in yourself and the collective health and wellbeing of your community.

As a volunteer Crisis Supporter, you’ll:

  • give back to the community, help in their darkest moments and offer hope
  • help prevent suicide and save more lives
  • make new friendships in a like-minded community
  • be part of the longest established operating Lifeline community in Australia that welcomes diversity and embraces inclusion in an open, transparent and respectful environment
  • learn life-enhancing skills valuable at any stage of life and relationship setting
  • develop professional skills that will benefit you in your career.

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