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Support for families

We understands that treatment and recovery is a journey that includes loved ones and family. We are committed to supporting carers and help make every transition as smooth and clear as possible.

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There are opportunities to visit the person you are caring for at our facilities, however there are sometimes restrictions on this depending on the case. All information is willingly provided at the time of admission.

Carers’ voices can be heard through our consumer and carer representative committees, which are run at both hospitals.

Each committee is made up of former patients and carers who are experienced in caring for people suffering from mental illness. They meet regularly to discuss a range of topics and provide valuable representation in a range of areas relating to in-patient care.

Our qualified teams of caring professionals deliver expert therapeutic care in a safe and supportive environment to help your loved one through their recovery journey. This is a highly successful approach which ensures positive outcomes not only for the patient, but their carers as well.

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