Electroconvulsive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a safe, effective medical treatment for severe psychiatric disorders, including clinical depression, mania, and psychosis. 

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Electroconvulsive therapy involves passing a brief, carefully controlled electrical current through the brain to affect the brain’s electrical activity, and aims to improve severe depressive and psychotic symptoms.

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Our team
Professor Colleen Loo is the Medical Director of ECT Course and Research Program at Wesley Hospital Kogarah. She is an active clinician and researcher, and is joined in the department by Dr Brett Simpson and Dr Jenny McGoldrick, who each have more than 10 years of experience and are highly regarded as ECT psychiatrists.

The ECT Clinic
The clinic provides second opinions on ECT and advice on treatments. To make an appointment, you will need a referral from a medical practitioner, or you can contact the ECT co-ordinator.

We perform approximately 700 ECT treatments every year. For the privacy and comfort of our patients, our ECT clinic includes a dedicated waiting room, treating room and recovery room.

As well as a treatment clinic, we are an ECT training provider and a centre of research associated with the University of New South Wales.

In the video below, Professor Colleen Loo explains the facts about ECT and how we use it.


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