Inpatient vs day programs

Wesley Hospitals provide two main types of treatment, inpatient and day patient programs. Discover their differences and find a program to suit your needs.

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Inpatient treatment is when you need to stay in hospital for a period of time to receive focused 24-hour care. During your stay, you’ll be supported by our team of professional and compassionate staff, giving you access to evidence-based psychiatric, nursing and psychological support.

Day patient programs offer you treatment and ongoing support if you don’t need the focused care that our inpatient treatment program offers. It is also an effective way to continue your treatment after returning to your everyday life if you’ve been an inpatient, providing you with ongoing care and support in your journey of recovery.

Treatment through our day patient programs involves attending short sessions. The number of sessions that you would attend depends on the program and your personal needs.

Our caring staff members will work with you during the admissions process to work out the best treatment plan for you.

Other useful programs which address issues of drug and alcohol addiction are available through Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

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