Treatment for alcohol addiction

Addiction to alcohol occurs when a person loses the ability to control their drinking. This loss of control leads to negative consequences not only for the drinker, but also their family and friends.

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Without treatment, alcohol abuse and dependence can cause great loneliness, depression and shame. A person’s physical and mental health deteriorates, which in turn impacts their ability to work and study effectively. Legal and financial problems often accompany alcohol addiction.

Although you might find it hard to talk to someone about your addiction to alcohol, asking for help is the first step to recovery and sobriety. Wesley Hospital can help.

Our hospital facilities in Ashfield and Kogarah offer a highly-regarded, evidence-based treatment program that will help you through to recovery.

Treatment begins with a 28-day inpatient program. During your stay, you will receive support and medications tailored to help you manage the complex and variable ways in which your body may react to the detox process.

In addition to medical care, treatment also includes participation in an evidence-based psychological therapy program. This program educates you about the nature of substance use problems and dependence, and increases your ability to identify and manage the factors that make you vulnerable to substance abuse. The program assists you to modify your lifestyle to increase your ability to remain abstinent in the future, and aims to develop your self-reliance.

 In addition to medical care, our treatment program also includes:

  • participation in an evidence-based psychological therapy program
  • detailed clinical assessment from qualified professionals
  • provision of medicated detoxification when clinically indicated
  • increasing motivation to change
  • education about substance use and the addiction cycle
  • education regarding the relationship between substance use and emotional issues, including depression, anxiety and anger
  • assistance to identify triggers of substance use
  • cognitive behaviour therapy to address thoughts and behaviours that maintain substance use problems
  • assistance to develop skills for managing cravings and urges
  • skill development, including problem solving skills, assertiveness and communication skills, distress tolerance and mindfulness skills
  • improvement of self esteem
  • relapse prevention.

After completing our inpatient detox program, we then support you with our ongoing day patient programs. There are a number of day patient programs running throughout the week and that allow you to:

  • refresh information and skills you learned while you were in hospital
  • develop new coping skills
  • continue to make improvements to your health and wellbeing.

The day patient program runs all year, and aims to reduce the likelihood of relapse by supporting you on your journey of recovery.

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