Your guide to retirement living

As a resident of Wesley Retirement Living Village, you can rest assured that your home, health and safety are in good hands. We’re committed to ensuring you feel secure and comfortable in your home, and experience a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle within a caring community.

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Making the decision
When you’re ready to move, we would love to meet with you to guide you through the next steps and ensure you’re fully informed to make the best decision for your lifestyle.

Involving those you love
We understand the important role your family and loved ones play in your life, and we encourage you to include them in your planning and decision making for retirement living. If you would like to bring them for a visit to one of our villages we would be delighted to meet them.

Feeling secure
Your safety, comfort and wellbeing are our top priorities. Each apartment is also fitted with a 24 hour emergency call system to alert on-site staff in the event of an emergency. We ensure outside doors to all our villages are secure, especially at night, and a professional security firm conducts night patrols in our villages.

We look after maintenance
Wesley Retirement Living Villages look after the maintenance of apartments, gardens, common and external areas. You are only responsible for maintaining any additional fixtures and fittings you install in your apartment.

Flexicare Support
Wesley Retirement Living Villages offer a range of Flexicare services to help you continue to live independently in your apartment for as long as possible. Flexicare provides short-term support to residents depending on your needs. This may include care after hospitalisation, cleaning of your apartment and more. Village staff are fully qualified to carry out assessments that can assist in the Flexicare process.

Wesley Home Care Services
To support your independence, we offer Wesley Home Care Services designed to assist you with daily living activities or tasks that may be too difficult for you to maintain.  These services can include domestic assistance, personal care, social support, devices and equipment, clinical care, transport and more. We also offer support services for carers including respite, counselling, and pastoral care. Wesley Home Care Services can be accessed as individual services or as part of a Home Care Package.

Steps to applying:

  1. Arrange a meeting and inspection of your chosen village and suitable apartments.
  2. Complete an application to become a Priority Community Member. Our application fee is $200 and fully refundable should you change your mind.
  3. When an apartment becomes available that suits your needs we will offer it to you. You have the opportunity to think it over and discuss it with your family for up to four (4) days after the offer has been made.
  4. If you want to go ahead, we will begin the process of moving you into your new home. If you feel you are not ready to move yet then we will continue to contact you as other apartments become available.

Navigating your finances
We understand that one of the main factors in your decision-making will be the costs involved. That’s why we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision for your circumstances. We also encourage you to talk through your finances with family and seek independent financial advice.

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