Adventure and healing in the outdoors

Participants of our Adventure Therapy program are experiencing many personal positive changes and exploring new strengths, which they can translate into their everyday lives.  

The program, run by the Wesley Operation Hope team, was designed to combine adventure-based activity and the natural outdoor environment, giving participants positive therapeutic outcomes. Participants attended 10 weekly sessions, where they established goals, set personal expectations and started to experience therapeutic outcomes the program was providing.

At the conclusion of the weekly sessions, the group participated in a three-day camping and hiking experience. The staff from Wesley Operation Hope were able to extend the learning from the 10 weekly sessions, supporting clients in developing their ability to tackle complex challenges, make strategic decisions, build resilience and work within a team environment.  

Delivered in a positive, outdoor environment, the program gives participants a chance to build their resilience and self-esteem by participating in new activities in a non-judgemental environment. Through encouragement and building trust amongst the groups, participants felt supported – and more and more, they’re willing to step out of their personal comfort zone, allowing for strong personal growth. 

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