Wesley Operation Hope: Taking on a new shape

One of Wesley Mission’s most valuable – and flexible – programs, Wesley Operation Hope has been adapting to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 by working closely with Wesley Mission’s Opportunity Pathways teams and the Wesley Disability Employment Services teams.

Designed to enhance social skills, develop life skills and increase self-esteem, Wesley Operation Hope is currently acting as an auxiliary service to the employment pathways services. Throughout 2020, Wesley Operation Hope has delivered targeted programs to empower, support and encourage individuals already on the Opportunity Pathways and Disability Employment Services employment fast-tracks.

Plus, in the second half of this year the program will offer something brand new: Adventure Therapy activities. These activities aim to increase the individuals’ confidence and self-esteem to move them towards long-term, sustainable employment.

In a year where many have had to adapt their usual schedule around the external circumstances, the Wesley Operation Hope program has moved incredibly quickly to adapt to the real-life needs of people seeking employment, especially those with other barriers like a disability or their social housing accommodation.

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