Christmas Appeal

Bianca’s* worst fear was having no home to take her twins back to after they were born.

After experiencing her own traumatic childhood, Bianca didn’t want the same life for her twins. Conflict and heartbreak growing up left her with severe depression. When she married in her early 20s, Bianca dreamed of better days ahead, but the man she’d fallen in love with became violent. Finally able to break away, Bianca was left with nothing and had nowhere to go.

More than 116,000 people were already homeless before COVID-19 – 17 per cent of them children under 14.1 By Christmas, many more Australians will experience homelessness and they urgently need our support.

*Names and images changed for privacy

We’ve seen a spike in requests from people who never needed support before. Others we’ve helped have endured a lifetime of adversity.

Whatever someone’s circumstances, Wesley Mission can connect them with the support they need. Your donation can help provide:

  • Homelessness services, including crisis accommodation at Wesley Edward Eager Centre, transitional and community housing, along with intervention support to prevent evictions and ensure living arrangements remain secure.
  • Counselling to help people overcome trauma and build coping skills and resilience.
  • Telephone crisis support services to give people in distress an opportunity to safely voice their pain, fears and loneliness.
  • Financial counselling to help people manage and break the cycle of debt and take control of their finances.
  • Emergency relief for those experiencing severe financial difficulties, providing groceries and support to pay essential bills.

Thanks to the support made possible by caring and compassionate donors – people just like you – we could offer Bianca a family home. When her babies arrived, she was incredibly thankful they’d have a safe home to live.

“The simple things in life that some people don’t have, we’ve now got,” Bianca says. “Things like having our own beds, having our own shower and somewhere to put our clothes, most people don’t realise how important those things are – until they don’t have them.”

Behind every statistic, every number, are real people with real stories whose lives can be completely changed by your generosity.

By donating today, you can help people experiencing homelessness to find safe accommodation and access support services to help them rebuild their lives. With greater numbers of people likely to turn to Wesley Mission this Christmas because they are homeless or on the brink, can we count on your support?

How can you help

can provide a food pack with essentials

can help give a family like Bianca’s a week of groceries so they’re not hungry at Christmas

can give people whatever they need most at Christmas, from food to rent support

can buy a ‘starter kit’ of blankets, pillows and cookware for a family breaking free from homelessness

can provide twenty nights of secure shelter and meals to a person experiencing homelessness

can help someone in crisis to avoid eviction and stay in their rental home

$__ – Your choice
every donation large or small, will make a huge difference to people most in need

1 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


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