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So many faces, so much heartache. Can you help ease their pain?


Mental illness doesn’t have one ‘face’, but many. Most of us know someone who is feeling out of their depth, emotionally.

Many Australians will suffer from mental illness at some point1. And half of them won’t seek any treatment. This can have devastating consequences.

By the end of today, at least another eight Australians will have died from suicide1. Tragic deaths that could have been avoided if only someone had noticed a person struggling, and reached out in time to help.

Today I’m asking you to see their turmoil too–and to take a simple step right now that will provide them with the great comfort of your caring assistance.

Riley is one person who understands the difference you would make.

Growing up Riley was a kind boy. Suddenly his parents’ marriage broke down and he started experiencing bullying at school. He was drowning in hurt and depression, but Wesley Mission was there for Riley. Thanks to Wesley Counselling Services he was able to process his emotions. Now he is dreaming of becoming a youth worker or police officer.

Your donation of $26 can help fund one-on-one mentoring for a young person like Riley to assist them to develop life-skills and confidence to have a better future.

Nicole also needed generosity like yours to change the road she was heading down.

Nicole is a survivor of abuse, homelessness and addiction. She has also been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Wesley Mission’s Mums and Kids Matter supported Nicole, when her baby was born, and she needed it most. It was the only way she could keep her baby boy.

Sometimes a person’s career takes them into dark places. That was the case for Simon.

In his 16 years as a police officer he witnessed the heart-wrenching aftermath of everything from car accidents and cot-deaths to murders. He became expert at hiding his emotions, but it was all too much. Simon tried to take his own life.

“I found calling Lifeline was one of the reasons that saved my life.”

Your $40 today, could provide phone crisis support that saves lives.

Your donation would be an incredible and life-changing gift to people like Riley, Nicole and Simon.

I’d appreciate you helping with this if you can–and thank you for ‘seeing’ the many faces of mental health issues with us.

Gratefully yours,

Rev Keith V Garner AM

CEO / Superintendent

Need help? If you are suffering from a mental illness and need assistance, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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