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Today at least eight Australians will die from suicide – and the average age that someone takes their life is 44 years old1

People who have lost their jobs and livelihoods during the pandemic, are facing insecurity and hardship like never before. Some can’t pay their bills and buy food. They’re worrying where their next meal will come from and if they can keep a roof over their heads. In March the government will remove the extra support payments that many have been dependent on. There’s a real risk it will push people to crisis point.

Wesley Mission’s Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland - the service we first founded back in 1963 offers hurting people telephone crisis support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a person feels life isn’t worth living anymore, having someone to talk to like the volunteers from Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland can give them the strength to carry on. With the rise in mental health concerns, this help is more urgent now than it has ever been.

The night Tamryn* called Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland, she was feeling hopeless and utterly crushed by sadness. Read her story.

Our Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers have been taking more calls about family violence, and from those suffering loneliness, isolation, financial difficulties and fear of the future. We also provide training and equip communities to address suicide through our Wesley LifeForce Networks. This support could not be more urgent than it is now.

No matter how tough it gets for people, your generous gift can make a difference by funding more Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers to help people in a crisis like Tamryn.  Suicide was discussed in more than two thirds of the 28,759 calls answered Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland in the last 12 months. Your kind gift today can support the next person who calls on us in a crisis, at the critical moment when they need our help most.

How your gift can help


$39 -Answer their call for help

You can cover all the costs associated with one crisis counselling phone call.

$149 -Strengthen more communities to fight suicide

This gift can provide vital resources to Wesley Lifeforce Networks who are working in the community to prevent suicide.

$290 - Give people understanding

With this donation you can fund suicide prevention training for 10 people in Wesley Lifeforce Networks, helping them recognise when someone is at risk of suicide within their community.

$500 – Help on the line

A crisis can happen to anyone at any time. This gift helps keep our centres open for people in crisis - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

$1,190 - Train a volunteer

You can provide professional training for one Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland telephone crisis supporter, preparing them to help people in desperate need.

If vulnerable people are alone in their darkest hour, the consequences can be devastating. Our Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers stand in the gap to assist those at greatest risk. Will you partner with us to turn things around?

If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental health crisis, call Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland’s 24/7 telephone crisis support on 13 11 14.

1 Australian Bureau of Statistics, October 2020



* Names and photos changed for privacy.

Tamryn’s Story

  • Click here to read the story

    The victim of an abusive relationship, Tamryn finally escaped to a safe house, but not before a beating left her so injured she ended up in hospital. Just discharged and wracked with pain, her voice shook as she described her plan to end her heartache. “She said it over and over to me, I’m going to just end my life now,” remembers Joel, our volunteer crisis supporter who answered her call. “She was in so much physical pain, and that was combining with her emotional pain, and it had been going on for years. She’d had enough.”

    When Tamryn phoned us, Joel was able to talk her through her crisis. She eventually agreed he could call the emergency service for her, and within nine minutes they’d arrived and were offering her assistance. Joel will never forget the words his supervisor told him after he ended the call: “You saved that girl’s life tonight.”




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