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Don't let our shelves go empty

Our Wesley Connect food and care program sees a 25 per cent increase in need during the cold winter months. Our shelves are fast going bare.

Can you please help people facing crisis or hardship this winter?

Non-perishable items needed for Wesley Connect.

You can help by providing non-perishable items, such as:

  • canned or jar foods (vegetables, soups, meats, stews, pasta sauce)
  • rice or pasta
  • crackers or biscuits
  • breakfast cereal
  • coffee, tea, sugar
  • long-life milk (1L cartons)
  • toiletries
  • Opal transport cards (min $10 value)

Please bring your contribution to Wesley Connect at 220 Pitt Street Sydney, during the following hours:

  • Tuesday: 10 am—2 pm
  • Wednesday: 10 am—2 pm
  • Thursday: 10 am—2 pm

Discover more about Wesley Connect.

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