Your compassion can bring hope and practical care to people in greatest need this Easter.

Right now, people need hope. Rising living costs, homelessness, mental illness and family and domestic violence are pushing thousands of Australians to the edge.

People like Kerry*, who’d lost all hope when she came to us after losing her job. With no income and extra bills, because her son was undergoing cancer treatment, she fell deep into arrears with her rent. Kerry says she might be sleeping in her car tonight if not for Wesley Mission’s support.

By making a tax-deductible donation, you’ll help deliver practical support for people like Kerry who desperately need a safe home, food so they won’t go hungry and ongoing support and counselling to heal from trauma.

Give hope and practical support this Easter. 

Kerry's story

Kerry knows the power of help. “Wesley Mission basically saved my life,” she says.

Bringing up her four kids alone as a widow, Kerry always felt fit and well. But after 23 years
serving as a police officer, chronic stress suddenly overcame her. In 2010, she was hospitalised
with severe depression. It ended her career and forced her to sell her home.

“I don’t judge people that take their own life because I know that extremity,” Kerry says. “It’s the
only thing you think might stop the pain.”

Facing a new set of challenges

Kerry’s path back to stability has been long and hard. But in time, she no longer needed medication and she worked her way up from a cleaning job at the airport into a customer service role.

“Then COVID-19 came along and that rug was swept from under my feet,” she says.

When the airline industry grounded indefinitely, Kerry lost her job. Unsure what her future would hold or how she’d survive financially, her depression came back.

Making things harder, Kerry’s eldest son was diagnosed with brain cancer. Taking him
to chemotherapy and radiotherapy appointments and helping with his medical expenses, put
her into arrears with her rent. She had no family who could help. Her father had passed away and
her mother is in a nursing home.

Your support changes lives

But thanks to generosity like yours, during this difficult time, Wesley Mission has been like family
to Kerry. Through Wesley Financial Counsellor, Fiona, Kerry received budgeting skills
training, a voucher for her electricity bill, help with car repairs and ‘emergency’ food parcels.

“They also got me to the doctors and back onto medication,” she says. “They ring up every week
and ask, ‘Is there anything you need?’ They’ve gone so far above and beyond.”

At Easter, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we’re reminded that hope isn’t simply wishful thinking or a vague desire, but a sure and certain hope – a hope you can stake and shape your life on.

This sure and certain hope of Easter is that God, through Jesus, is making all things new. And Easter invites us to participate in God’s hope-filled mission to make an impact today.

Your donation will provide people with accommodation, food and wraparound support services to help more people like Kerry avoid homelessness or leave it behind for good.

*Name has changed for privacy.

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