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Having food to eat shouldn’t be any child’s idea of the perfect gift


Christmas is a time of joy and festivities but for many, this year will be like no other. The constant uncertainty is an ongoing struggle. People have lost their jobs due to the continuing financial impact of natural disasters and COVID-19. Many are experiencing desperate need, facing financial difficulties, homelessness and hunger for the first time. More of them are families with children. For them it’s going to be a very difficult Christmas.

They can’t afford to put food on the table, let alone buy Christmas presents for their children. People are on the brink of homelessness and desperately need help. Almost a third of Australians experiencing food insecurity in 2020 had never experienced it before COVID-19*. Can you imagine the terrible feeling of knowing you have nothing in the cupboard for your kids to eat? Imagine wondering if this is your last night sleeping in a bed, in a room, in your home? This was the reality faced by Tim, Chelsea and their three children when they contacted Wesley Mission recently. Click here to read Tim and Chelsea’s story.

Please give generously today. Your kind gift – large or small – will have an impact on the many people and families like Tim and Chelsea’s, who are facing severe hardship resulting from natural disasters and COVID-19. The sooner we receive your support, the more people in need will have food on their tables. For as little as $15, your gift today can brighten someone’s Christmas.

Your gift of $15 will provide someone experiencing homelessness with a nourishing food pack this Christmas including tinned staples and bottled water.

Your gift of $80 will help provide a family with a week of staples like pasta, milk, canned food and cereal so they don’t go hungry over Christmas.

Your gift of $115 will give a person a meal and a night’s accommodation in a secure room, with access to support, so they don’t spend Christmas homeless.

Your gift of $320 will provide four families with a week of essential groceries including nutritious staples to ensure food security this Christmas.

Your gift of $805 will provide a week of accommodation, meals and access to support.

Your gift of $2,000 will provide emergency essentials including blankets, pillows, beds, mattresses and kitchen goods to help a family in need to make a new home in Wesley Community Housing.

With your help today, Wesley Mission can respond to the rising need and give people and families practical support, hope and some happiness this Christmas.

*Source: Foodbank Hunger Report 2020

Tim and Chelsea’s story

  • Click here to read story

    Can you imagine the terrible feeling of knowing you have nothing in the cupboard for your kids to eat? Imagine wondering if this is your last night sleeping in a bed, in a room, in your home? This was the position Tim and his wife Chelsea recently found themselves in. They had never struggled before. Their three young daughters, Isla, 10, Penny, 8, and Hannah, 6, wanted for nothing and they had no idea this was all about to change.

    The bottom dropped out of their world when Tim suddenly lost his job in the first wave of COVID-19 shutdowns. Then Chelsea’s workplace shut its doors and they were both unemployed. Very quickly they fell behind on their mortgage payments. They were terrified they’d lose their home and their family would end up on the streets.

    They couldn’t afford to keep their power on, pay their phone bills or buy groceries. They were missing meals so the children wouldn’t have to. The grocery shop became a nightmare, wondering what they could keep in their trolley and what they would have to put back on the shelf.

    The children would open the fridge and find almost nothing inside. Without help, they knew they had no hope of having a tree or any presents for the kids’ Christmas this year – and certainly not a special lunch. All they were consumed by was the desperate need to survive through each day and keep a roof over their heads.

    At night Tim and Chelsea would lie awake feeling anxious, sad, and overwhelmed wondering what to do. One day, Chelsea’s heart broke to find her eldest daughter crying because she was so hungry that her tummy hurt. Chelsea had been sure others were more deserving of help than their family – but this was the last straw.

    Thanks to help from our generous supporters like you, when Chelsea contacted Wesley Mission we were able to offer the family grocery vouchers, so they could have some proper meals again. We helped them pay their electricity bill and catch up on their mortgage arrears, now they feel more secure and are no longer afraid of losing their home. 

    With your support we want to make sure that family like theirs and many others can manage through Christmas.

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