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How close to homeless are you?

For some people like Rebecca, just one unexpected event can shatter their lives.

"I’d never had a day out of work, so when the company I worked for suddenly went bust, I was sure I’d get another job quickly. I applied for more than 50 jobs, but even though I have qualifications and experience I just kept getting rejections." said Rebecca

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    When you think about homelessness, you may not picture someone like Rebecca – an everyday, hardworking Australian.

    But the sad truth is that anyone, at any point in time, can be as little as two life shocks away from becoming homeless. Marriage breakdown, sudden unemployment or an accident or illness can wipe out a lifetime of hard work in the blink of an eye. For some people, like Rebecca, just one unexpected event can shatter their lives.

    Within months Rebecca had used all her savings and had no money for rent.

    “So there I was, with absolutely nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep. I have never been so terrified.” Rebecca

    Rebecca’s story is not a one off. Right now, as many as 116,000 people in Australia are experiencing homelessness. Unemployment, soaring property prices and rents and a lack of superannuation are leaving more and more people homeless later in their lives, especially women like Rebecca.

    They urgently need help to break the cycle of poverty and get back on their feet after a personal catastrophe. But that help can be so hard to find.

    Rebecca spent nine terrifying months living on the streets of Sydney, desperately trying to find work and a place to live. Thankfully, she learned about Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge, where she found a friendly welcome, caring staff and a safe place to lay her head at last.

    “Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge gave me hope. I’ve never had that kind of support before in my entire life.” said Rebecca

    With your help, we can raise $100,000 (or more) to help people like Rebecca turn their lives around.

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Donate because every life matters