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Suicide tears families apart. Can you help?


Today people in Australia will say goodbye to someone not realising they will never meet again.

By this time tomorrow at least another eight Australians1 will have taken their own life. They will leave behind devastated children, parents, siblings and friends.

Tears streamed down Kelli’s face as she picked up a blister pack of pills. Her despair and depression was so overwhelming that even thoughts of her little girl couldn’t stop her wanting to end her existence, to be free from the torment inside.

She had dialled the number for Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland, Wesley Mission’s 24/7 telephone crisis service.

Our volunteer Peter was there to answer Kelli’s call. He remembers the pain and desperation in her voice.

"She was very distressed and so agitated."

Tragically, deaths by intentional self-harm in Australia have increased. Did you know that over 30 per cent more people1 lost their lives this way from 2009 to 2018?

But lives can be saved by people having access to assistance such as that of Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland in their time of crisis.

Around 1,000,000 Australian adults and 100,000 young people each year2 are living with depression. And mood disorders like depression have been associated with 44 per cent of all suicides3.

One phone volunteers are trained to give the best possible support to people like Kelli.

Peter’s training took 12 months. So when Kelli rang, he was well-equipped to follow the steps he’d learned to assist a person in imminent danger who is taking steps to end their life.

Imagine if no-one had answered when Kelli called us that day? Knowing the outcome might have been very different without Wesley Mission’s Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland.

Please donate to Wesley Mission today to make sure essential services like this can continue.

Your generous gift can save a life and stop the heartbreak caused when someone you love is suddenly gone.

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*Names, photos and identifying details changed to protect privacy.

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