Gifts to charities and community impact

People leaving gifts to charities in their Wills has shaped our community over many years. The impact of gifts in wills are often long lasting and leave a legacy to inspire others.

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Leaving a gift to charities is becoming a more popular trend in Australian communities. Previously associated with the elderly, lonely and eccentric millionaires, gifts (also known as bequests), are shaping and supporting Australian communities.

Ranging from $100 to entire estates, gifts to charities are being made by people from all walks of life. Typically there’s a personal connection to the cause, but not-for-profit organisations, Wesley Mission included, receive gifts from people simply looking to leave a legacy.

You don’t have to look far for inspirational stories about the impact of gifts. We have our own inspiring legacies and the community is filled with them. Services have been established and programs are now running as a result of charitable gifts.

Gifts to charities are saving communities and lives. By making a gift to Wesley Mission, you can too.

As part of the Wesley Mission family, you will receive invitations to special events and celebrations. We will also keep you up to date with our latest work.

Thank you for truly doing all the good you can.

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