Inspiring legacies

We have a long history of inspiring people to give generously to the work we carry out. These gifts in Wills have helped lay the foundation blocks in what we know as Wesley Mission today

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Whether through small donations or leaving a substantial legacy, many of those who have been part of the Wesley Mission family in one way or another have felt compelled to serve the broader community through giving to us.

Ebenezer Vickery

The Honourable Ebenezer Vickery was a dedicated Methodist and wealthy Parliamentarian in Australia in the latter part of the 1800s. He was a great philanthropist who was passionate about the work and ministry of the Central Methodist Mission, believing that it had the capacity to influence the early Australian colony to its furthest limits.

Sir Frederick Stewart

Sir Frederick Stewart was a wealthy congregation member who, in the 1940s, made a significant contribution to the work and ministry of Wesley Mission (then the Central Methodist Mission).

It was a time when aged care facilities were increasing in number but there was a shortage of places that could sufficiently provide for older people who were ill and needed specialist care. Wesley Mission had a desire to do something to help these vulnerable people. The vision was for a hospital—one dedicated to frail and sick older people.

The Waddell family

When the family of the late Hon Thomas Waddell donated their 25-room family home in Ashfield to Wesley Mission in 1946, they could not have known just how far reaching and extraordinary this gift would be.

The Waddell family were keen to provide a place that could care for women with epilepsy and they offered their home in Ashfield for this purpose.

David Morgan

The late David Morgan was a Wesley Mission congregation member and Board member.

At one particular Board meeting Alan mentioned that he would like to extend Wesley Mission’s services for people with a disability by providing a place of employment.

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