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Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge planned upgrade

Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge was the first residential facility in Sydney to offer homeless men and women a place to stay with individual lockable rooms. 

Mid July, Wesley Mission lodged a Development Application with the City of Sydney to refurbish Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge, 348A Bourke St, Surry Hills. The upgrade is anticipated to start in early 2020 over a 12 month period and provide a qualitative change to the level of care provided at the facility.

The planned amendments include:

  • en-suite bathrooms
  • accessible rooms
  • an accessible lift
  • communal areas
  • meeting rooms
  • a roof terrace
  • a second entrance
  • a public café where clients and the community can share an inviting communal space.

Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge has been part of the fabric of the inner-city community of Surry Hills since the 1970s, supporting some of the most vulnerable adults in our community. It is also a place of connection, whether it be with community or family, and will continue to offer individual, secure rooms for short-term emergency accommodation whilst supporting their next step forward.

The new model of care will allow Wesley Mission to focus on the long-term impact and positive change the lodge can have in people’s lives. The range and level of services offered will be intensified to gain a greater understanding of each person’s needs, with a focus on improving client outcomes.

By placing the needs of people first, we strive to serve the whole person, not just their current challenges.

Stories of real people who have received our support services and moving forward in their journey to leave homelessness behind, can be seen here.

The philanthropy and generosity of our wider community will enable us to make a greater difference for real people taking the next step to leave homelessness behind. I hope you will consider partnering with us on this important project.

Warmly yours,

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Rev Keith V Garner AM

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