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Welcome to our congregations

Welcome to our congregations

We are one church with eight vibrantly diverse congregations. In multiple locations and times, across our worshipping communities, people from a rich tapestry of cultural and social backgrounds come together. What do we share in common? A desire to follow Jesus Christ. We come together for authentic and Christ-centred worship. While we worship in a variety of styles and languages, we share a common focus on faithfully teaching God’s Word and sharing His kindness and compassion with others. We express our love for God and others by caring for those who find themselves in difficult and painful situations in a variety of practical and pastoral ways.

Former Rotuman congregation

One of Wesley Mission’s former congregations, the Rotuman congregation, has moved to join with another Rotuman congregation that meets in Drummoyne to form a new community of faith called the Sydney Rotuman Uniting Church. The Rotuman congregation has been a valued part of Wesley Mission’s congregational life since the 1970s, attracting worshippers of Rotuman and Fijian backgrounds. Over the years they have contributed to the vibrant spiritual life of Wesley Mission with their support, fellowship and service. The formation of the Sydney Rotuman Uniting Church is an exciting development for this congregation. 

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Sydney Rotuman Uniting Church