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Our chaplaincy

Welcome to our chaplaincy

Welcome to our chaplaincy

As an organisation built on Christian faith, Wesley Mission aims to care for every aspect of people’s needs including their spiritual and emotional health.  Our Chaplains play a vital role in providing emotional and spiritual care to Wesley Mission’s staff and congregations.

Across our many community and commercial services we provide pastoral care to people from all walks of life—those who are homeless, people with disabilities, older people, broken families and those struggling with mental illness.Our Chaplains can be found providing spiritual and emotional support to people in supported accommodation, mental health hospitals, retirement villages, their homes, foster care facilities and in the workplace.

Wherever there is a need, our Chaplains journey with people, offering emotional support during times of pain, struggle or grief as well as celebration in times of joy.  In addition to the care provided to individuals, our Chaplains also conduct worship and funeral services as well Bible studies and devotions.