Christian life

Exploring Faith



Welcome to Wesley Mission’s Christian life, where you are welcome, no matter who you are or where you are in your faith journey. Everyone’s journey is unique. Perhaps you have just begun to explore what Christian faith looks like. Maybe you once considered yourself a Christian, but feel you have lost your way. Or perhaps you have been a Christian for many years and are looking to deepen your faith. Regardless, you are embraced by this living, breathing community of faith and are welcome here.

We have engaged in ministry in Sydney for over 200 years, beginning with a gathering of Methodists in the Rocks area in 1812. We are engaged in a “Word and deed” ministry; committed to faithfully teaching God’s word and reaching out in deed with God’s love and compassion to the people of Sydney, particularly the marginalised, including those who are homeless, unemployed, poor, neglected, lonely or struggling with addiction. Over the years, our church has transformed and evolved, moving to numerous locations within the city centre, and engaging in an ever-expanding breadth and depth of social services.

There is a place here for you. No church on earth has a greater diversity of people than Wesley Mission. A uniquely shaped church, we come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. Across our eight congregations, we have prominent business leaders and people who are homeless, young families, youth and young adults, and seniors who have been part of Wesley Mission for 40 or 50 years. We have different theological emphases, different life histories, different political leanings and diverse personal interests. What binds us together is our desire to respond to the call of Christ and journey together in faith.