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Becoming a foster carer

Welcome to becoming a foster carer

Welcome to becoming a foster carer

Wesley Mission has been caring for children in need of a safe home since 1893, when we established the Central Mission Home for Neglected Children at Waverley House in Woolloomooloo.

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Over the years we have provided homes for thousands of children through our Wesley Dalmar services which have included group homes, foster care and adoption programs. By 1982 Wesley Dalmar was caring for 90 children in various residential homes and 35 children in foster care.

Today Wesley Dalmar provides homes for more than 580 children and young people in foster care. We have built up an expert base of more than 290 foster carers who generously open their homes and lives to vulnerable children in need.

Wesley Mission foster carers are recognised and appreciated for the essential and life-changing contribution they make. They are living testimonies to the Wesley Mission Vision to ‘do all the good you can.’