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Why work at Wesley Mission?

Why work at Wesley Mission?

10 good reasons to work at Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission is dedicated to supporting and advocating for the most vulnerable members of our society. Our care for the community is reflected in our employment practices of flexible work conditions, employee benefits and safe work practices. Benefits of working at Wesley Mission include:

1. The opportunity to make a difference
Every person at Wesley Mission, no matter what their role, plays a significant part in alleviating the distress, poverty and disadvantage of many people in our society on an everyday basis. Many organisations employ people to make a difference to their bottom line or their own back pockets—not Wesley Mission. The work at Wesley Mission is other person focussed: it involves harnessing a person’s creativity, intelligence, emotion, skill and practical resources, all in the interest of effectively supporting and assisting those who are vulnerable or in need.

2. Working with a diverse team of people and functions
Wesley Mission employs over 2,000 people and has approximately 3,000 volunteers. We deliver more than 130 programs ranging across all areas of the community services sector including seniors support, mental health, family support, disability support, homeless services, employment, education and conferences. We are also a thriving church with many congregations. Within the organisation there are such a range of personalities, skill sets, backgrounds, interests and career options, all contributing to creating one of the most stimulating, vibrant, active and caring workplaces there can be.

3. Contributing at grass roots level
Wesley Mission is involved in frontline service and welfare work. We walk alongside those who are in need. And we continuously develop programs and implement systems that help break the cycle of disadvantage or distress in people’s lives. We also regularly conduct research and develop policy recommendations for government on areas where we have experience and expertise. We are actively involved in changing the face of disadvantage in Australia at a grass roots level. Each employee contributes to making the world a better place and as an organisation, the difference we make is immense.

4. Salary packaging providing a portion of gross salary packaged tax free
Wesley Mission recognises that working for a charity can, financially, be a tough call for people so we do all we can to maximise our employees’ take-home salary opportunities. As a registered charity we have the privilege of offering a wide range of fringe benefits to some award and non-award employees. This means that the cash component of an employee’s total remuneration package is reduced by the cost of the non-cash benefits directly provided to them by Wesley Mission.

5. Educational assistance for role-related study
Wesley Mission is passionate about fostering the growth and development of our employees and helping them reach their potential. One of the ways we do this is by providing educational assistance for role related study. Our Educational Assistance Scheme offers study leave and financial assistance and is available to all permanent employees who undertake approved study from accredited education providers. This scheme is hugely beneficial for workers who want to fine-tune or grow skills in their current role or develop their career plan with the help of Wesley Mission.

6. Paid parental leave additional to the governmental Paid Parental Leave scheme
Families are important to us at Wesley Mission. We celebrate with our employees who are privileged to be starting or adding to their family and we do all we can to support them in their journey of birthing and raising healthy, happy and safe children. Welcoming a new life into the world is an important time and deserves love, attention and dedication from parents. Wesley Mission recognises how crucial it is for parents to spend time and bond with their children in these early stages without additional financial stress. Part of our commitment to families is to provide paid parental leave in addition to what the Government offers new parents.

7. Employee support program of professional counselling and Chaplaincy support
Life is full of ups and downs. When our employees go through hard times or face challenging circumstances we are there to support them. As an organisation that believes that every life matters, we are able to play a unique role in offering employees the kind of compassionate care we bring to the broader community. Wesley Mission provides a tailored Employee Support Program designed to give employees immediate and professional support to help them deal with the impact of a traumatic incident or personal issue. We also offer Chaplaincy support to all our employees.

8. Staff recognition program
There are numerous Wesley Mission employees who go above and beyond expectations as they carry out their work in the community. Wesley Mission acknowledges and pays tribute to this in a variety of ways including through an organisation wide staff recognition program. This program gives us the opportunity to highlight particular employees or teams who have—in one way or another—performed in such a remarkable manner that it deserves noting. It is also a way for all at Wesley Mission to pay respect and thank those who have shown great dedication in their work.

9. Staff learning and development
Wesley Mission is committed to the ongoing development of all employees. We have a dedicated Learning & Development department and our own Wesley Vocational Institute that supports employees to enhance their skills and knowledge so that they are thoroughly equipped to meet present and future challenges and opportunities. All employees have a comprehensive and customised development program to help them reach their potential and achieve their career goals. We recognise and celebrate the learning and development achievements of teams and individuals on a regular basis.

10. Staff discounts for health insurance and travel
Through professional partnerships that have been developed with leading health insurance providers and travel companies, Wesley Mission is able to offer employees discounts on their health insurance and travel. Wesley Mission recognises that some of the important things in life can also be quite costly and we are committed to doing all we can to look out for the health and wellbeing of our employees.

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