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Together we can save lives

Together we can save lives

Every 3 hours, someone in Australia takes their own life... Janine’s son was one of them.

Your donation of $29 can train a community volunteer to recognise the signs and support people at risk of suicide.

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It’s a shocking reality that we still lose so many people to suicide. It’s a cause of death unlike any other—an abrupt end to life that is so devastating for those left behind. Families are ripped apart as children are left without parents, and parents are left burying their children.

Janine Schramm found strength through the support and action of a Wesley LifeForce network in Sydney after her eldest son, Nathan, died from suicide at 31 years of age.

“We really didn’t have any idea that Nathan wasn’t well. He’d been living in Mackay for three years with his wife and his two little kids,” Janine remembers. “The first sign we got was a phone call. He just rang me one day and said ‘Mum, I’m coming home. My marriage is over’. Then he returned to Sydney and three weeks later he took his own life.”

Janine describes Nathan as, “a man who had lived, loved, married, and fathered two children”. But today, she is left with a lasting, heartbreaking final memory of him. “He took the car. And I can remember him walking down the front steps and opening the gates. And it was the last time I ever saw him.”

Janine and the rest of Nathan’s family were consumed not only with the pain of loss, but with an overwhelming and confusing mix of feelings. Guilt, anger, fear and blame. And they had so many questions. “We struggled desperately to seek answers,” Janine says. “What signs did we miss? Could we have done more? How was I not able to save my son? Why was the love of family and friends not enough?”

Trying to make sense of her loss, Janine joined a Wesley LifeForce Network. It’s a program we run in communities across Australia, training people to recognise the warning signs of suicide and to understand how to offer support, before it’s too late.

What pains Janine the most is not having the opportunity to say good bye. “I was there when my son took his first breath,” she says. “But not there when he took his last. My son left this world alone.”

Suicide leaves deep and lasting emotional scars on those left behind. Scars that Janine believes it will take more than time to heal. “I have found that it’s what you do with your time that is the healer”, she says. “I have chosen to help others and channel my efforts in making a difference towards suicide prevention.”

The work of Wesley LifeForce networks is so important because it helps communities understand the tragedy of suicide, recognise the warning signs and put into action strategies to help to prevent it. By supporting Wesley Mission today, you can help us deliver this life saving program to more Australian communities.

Together we can help others before it’s too late.

By donating $29 today, we can train a community volunteer to identify and support someone at risk of suicide in their community.

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