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Welcome to fundraising

Welcome to fundraising

Wesley Mission helps thousands of families and individuals each year. But we can’t do it without you.

We receive some Government funding but sadly are still forced to turn people away due to lack of funds. We are committed to supporting anyone who needs our help and it simply isn’t possible without generous donations from people like you.

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Watch Mia’s story

In the mornings, Mia is woken by her older brother. Together, they try their best to make breakfast. As you could imagine, for a girl who isn’t yet four, this is not easy.

Watch Ella and Liam’s story

Home wasn’t safe for Ella. So she took her little brother, Liam, and left. Ella remembers a neighbour taking them to the police station. The police were kind, but Ella and Liam were scared and needed a real family.

Watch Zoe and Ryan’s story

Things changed for Zoe and Ryan after their Dad left. Their mum would still pick them up from school, but they no longer went home.