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Why donate to Wesley Mission?

Why donate to Wesley Mission?

When you donate to Wesley Mission you are helping thousands of Australians take the first steps to a better life. Here are some facts about the services and the people you help with your generous donations.


Fast facts

In 2014/15:

Fast Facts Wesley Disability

Wesley Disability Services supported 550 clients, provided 530,121 face-to-face hours of support, implemented 11 new programs and 3,069 hours of training were undertaken by Wesley Disability Services staff.

Fast Facts Wesley Suicide Prevention Services

The number of suicide prevention networks throughout Australia supported by Wesley LifeForce grew from 37 to 57, and Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland answered 34,864 calls from people seeking help, representing a 35 per cent increase in calls answered from the previous year.

Fast Facts Mums and Kids Matter

Mums and Kids Matter supported 34 women, with young children, who are struggling with a mental illness.

Fast Facts Wesley Hospital Wesley Hospitals provided 20,099 nights of care to 881 in-patients and helped 5,009 day patients.

Fast Facts Wesley Homeless Services Wesley Homeless Services provided support to 1,696 people experiencing homelessness and 73,735 nights of accommodation. Fast Facts Wesley Family

Wesley Family services facilitated 40,657 out of school hours care attendances, Wesley Family Centres helped 3,973 families, a 28 per cent increase on the previous year, and 100 per cent of new Brighter Futures clients were in the high-risk category.

Find out more in the 2015 Annual Report: Strength. Spirit. Hope.

How is your donation used?

Fast Facts Wesley Mission donation spend

In 2014/15, the money raised was distributed across the following areas of our work:

  • 21% to Wesley Disability Services
  • 20% to Wesley Mental Health and Counselling
  • 19% to Wesley Youth
  • 19% to Wesley Homeless Services
  • 12% to Wesley Family Services
  • 5% to Wesley Mission Newcastle
  • 4% to Wesley Seniors.