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Ways to partner

Ways to partner

Financial partnerships

Wesley Mission corporate social responsibility partnerships often include financial support for Wesley Mission programs and services. This can take many forms including the following: 

  • Sponsorship is when a company funds an event, program or research launch to add interest or emotional weight to their marketing objectives.
  • Philanthropy is when a company makes a cash donation to Wesley Mission without expecting a commercial return or benefits.
  • Corporate foundation grant is when a company makes a grant to Wesley Mission in a particular area of interest.

Financial support can be directed towards a specific Wesley Mission program or service to complement your organisation’s strategic corporate social responsibility objectives and differentiate your brand in terms of image and reputation.

Pro bono support

Pro bono support is an excellent way of engaging your staff and giving them the opportunity to contribute to the community by sharing their expertise and knowledge in specific areas of benefit to Wesley Mission.

This could include your organisation providing free legal assistance to our clients, sharing your expertise in change management, providing advice in public interest areas or helping us improve our internal systems and processes.

Staff engagement

In-kind support is a great way to help Wesley Mission deliver vital services in the community. Your organisation could provide in-kind support by donating products that can be used for auction at our fundraising events or for maintenance and building projects across Wesley Mission. Some easy ways your staff can provide in-kind support include: 

  • bringing in pre-loved books for our Lifeline Bookfair
  • purchasing an extra item of food at the supermarket to make up food hampers for disadvantaged children and families at Christmas.

Volunteering is another way many organisations like to support Wesley Mission because our corporate volunteering opportunities are so diverse. We can cater for small corporate groups of five staff up to larger groups of 50 staff across various locations and program areas in New South Wales. For corporate partners who financially support Wesley Mission, we can tailor specific group volunteering activities to meet their needs and objectives.

Another way your staff can support Wesley Mission is through fundraising days and events. For example, it could be as simple as participating in a gold coin donation collection for Wesley Mission on Casual Friday in your workplace or holding a trivia night or auction as part of your staff social club activities.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple and effective tool for your business to engage employees in supporting the local community and helping to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. It is a low cost and highly visible way of showing your organisation’s support for the local community, where employees are encouraged to donate a small contribution from each pay to Wesley Mission.

Many organisations choose to match employee donations dollar for dollar to provide an even greater incentive for staff to contribute.

Payroll giving for corporates

Add Wesley Mission to your organisation’s list of payroll giving options. 

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