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Volunteering at Wesley Mission

Corporate volunteering opportunities

Corporate volunteering opportunities

With benefits ranging from increased satisfaction to community impact, corporate volunteering is a growing trend in the not for profit industry.

How companies benefit:

  • increased employee retention, engagement and productivity
  • a more positive corporate image
  • stronger relationships with the local community.

Don’t just take our word for it. A recent Red Balloon/Altus Q report found that time off for volunteering was the activity most likely to improve an employer’s engagement rating.

How employees benefit:

  • learn new skills and build knowledge and experience
  • strengthen communication and leadership skills
  • feel happier and more satisfied at work.

How you help Wesley Mission. The time, skills and financial support from your corporate volunteering:

  • provides us with additional resources and skills
  • reduces the cost of solutions to needs
  • strengthens our community

Witness the power of volunteering in action. WME IMG walks the walk with Wesley

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For more information on volunteering opportunities at Wesley Mission call Call 9263 5551 or email the team below.

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