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Volunteering at Wesley Mission

Volunteering opportunities for schools

Volunteering opportunities for schools

Introducing children to volunteering, like education, can be life changing. With services across NSW, Wesley Mission can tailor opportunities to engage your students and illustrate their role in community.

Why volunteering?

By introducing a successful volunteering program to your school you will:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Play a practical role supporting and maintaining strong community connection
  • Teach students about social justice and community issues

 "Including volunteering in our programs allows us to illustrate important community issues and the roles they can play to address them"

Current opportunities

Wesley Mission can cater activities to suit the size, location and needs of your school. To get the ball rolling, you may want to consider the following options:

We're here to help

You can check out our corporate volunteering opportunities for more ideas or contact us for more information on self-managed activities like collecting books for the LifeLine Book Fair or stocking the Open Wardrobe.

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