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Why donate to Wesley Retail?

Why donate to Wesley Retail?

People and businesses donate to Wesley Retail for a variety of reasons. In every case, the donations they provide enable us to continue the good work of helping those most in need in the local community.

  • Are you moving house or renovating and no longer have need for some of your furniture or household items?
  • Does your business have an oversupply of excellent stock that you would like put to good use?
  • Are you looking to create some extra space in your home and would like your items to go to a good home?
  • Do you have children or other family members that no longer need some of their clothes, toys or furniture?

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Wesley Retail can make use of a range of good quality items. We believe that everything has a value and can be used to benefit others. We are committed to the principles of refreshing, restoring, reusing, recycling and reselling for the good of others and the environment.